• Comic: Running of the Lyra: Revelation / Apple Bucking / Kindness

    Comic time! We have lyra being ridiculous, Applejack bucking apples, and Fluttershy being kind.  It might sound generic, but most are pretty fun! Click for full

    All fixed !

  • PMV: Cluck You ... / Amazing | Pinkie Pie

    PMV time! We haven't made fun of Scootaloo in a while, so lets start with some of her recent journeys into her inner chicken. We also have a completely off the wall Pinkie Pie PMV.

    1.) Cluck You ...
    2.) Amazing | Pinkie Pie [PMV]

  • Pre-Readers Q&Neigh - Questions, Please!

    Hello again, lovely readers of Equestria Daily! Once more, Midnight Shadow is controlling the horizontal and the vertical as I bring to you another request for questions you'd like our pre-readers to discuss.

    What do we need from you? It's quite simple! We'd like to have your questions, comments or suggestions about Equestria Daily, the fandom, the show itself, and also pre-reading or the process that goes into it. Don't be shy, help us make the show you'd like to hear, and and site you love to visit even better. Put them in the comments or send them to midnightshadow@equestriadaily.com and we may feature them in the show.

    It's been a few weeks since we last made the call, and there are probably more than a few doozies left over from last time, so don't be afraid to ask them again.

    We'll be recording this Saturday, and it'll be up late next week, barring incidents, but don't let that stop discussion, we all love the feedback.

    /Midnight out.
  • Custom Compilation #66

    Twilight loves to read and I certainly don't blame her for doing so! Too bad a person actually needs free time to do so. Oh well, maybe this summer.

    Time for custom ponies everyone! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #454

    EQD is back on schedule! I never thought I'd have a Silver Spoon drawfriend header, but times change I guess.  Even someone like that can be cute.

    Have some art!

    Source 1 Rainbow
  • Rainbow Dash Stole the 20% Cooler Thing

    Rainbow Dash's Narcisissm comes from being too awesome to see Rainbow Dash's flaws.  I'm alright with this. Rainbow Dash wouldn't be nearly as Rainbow without her colorful personality. 

    Have a PMV dedicated to her love of all things Rainbow Dash, because she is Dashing.  Also Rainbow.
  • Story Updates May 22nd (Evening)

    So many story updates lately.  It's getting kind of scary! Have some.

  • Promo: Stuff Ponies Say

    This is an older one that we never posted, but The Hub just tossed it up on their Youtube Page, so I figured I'd drop it for everyone that missed it! There aren't any new scenes or lines, but it is a parody of "Stuff __ Say" meme, making The Hub the best company as always!

    Check it out after the break!

  • Instrumental Music: The Adventures of Daring Do / Gilda's Theme / Changeling's essence / Appletroid

    Good news! Drawfriend is halfway done.  Almost caught up! Have some awesome new instrumental music!

    And Cereal is still mining.

    1.) The Adventures of Daring Do - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (DARIN DO)
    2.) Gilda's Theme - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Rock)
    3.) Changeling's essence - CommandSpry (Orchestral)
    4.) Appletroid

  • PMV: B.E.A.T

    Still behind, and Cereal is still mining, so have one of those "awesome editing" PMV's while I keep trying to catch up! So much cool stuff today!

  • Music: Pony Rock Anthem

    I'm way behind today, and Cereal is mining, so posts might be a bit delayed.  Have some Pony Rock Anthem from those Epic Cupcake Time people while I catch up!

    Now here instead! 

  • Giant Wall Paper Ponies on the German Version of Amazon

    It looks like Giant Wall ponies have popped up on the German version of Amazon. There are quite a few available too! We have had something similar to these for about a year now, but the designs were very limited. This group has a whopping two pages of them available right now. Hell, who wouldn't want a giant Twilight Sparkle library their wall?! It is a little weird seeing the ponies floating around in space up there though. Last I checked, they removed Pinkie Pie's wings so Rainbow Dash could actually work and Ponyville wouldn't be raining 24/7.

    Also Luna.  I'm glad she is getting some merch love lately.

    Check out the full set here! Or here!

    Thanks again to Ace Reporter Whatshisgame for browsing German websites so we don't have to! 
  • Intros/Simple PMV: Yu-Gi-Oh GX Intro / The Greatests Show Unearthed / Twilight Sparkle - (Glad you came)

    These have been chillin in the folder long enough! Lets combine the two genres.  First off is another Yugioh opening, because there are a million different openings for the show.  And in second and third place, some simple PMV's.  Find it all below!

    1.) PMV: Yu-Gi-Oh GX Intro
    2.) [PMV] "The Greatest Show on Equestria" - The Greatests Show Unearthed
    3.) [PMV] Twilight Sparkle - (Glad you came)

  • Story: A Warm Summer's Evening

    [Shipping] EQD posting a TAW story? Madness I say! (Don't worry, it's just cute shipping)

    Also ignore the star rating -Archive rating is 5 star

    Author: TAW
    Description: Because sometimes, just because you're immortal doesn't make you invulnerable. Sometimes, the one you're more proud of than anything else is the one that respects you the most, and sometimes respect goes deeper than either of you had ever realised.
    A Warm Summer's Evening

    Additional Tags: Twilestia Cute Horses Cuddling Nuzzling
  • Games: Pony Puzzles / Pinkie Pie Platformer

    We have two simple games for you all to blow some time on today.  The first is a puzzle builder, that lets you choose a pony image and scramble it to solve.  I remember doing these back on my DOS machine.  It's cool to see them evolving! Check that out here

    And the second is a simple Pinkie Pie platforming thing. I think this is the first one to actually incorporate wall jump though, so more power to them! Find that here.

  • Story Updates May 22nd (Morning)

    More early morning story updates for you all to waste a few hours on.  Click below for all of them.

  • Hey Ocean Concert NYC

     It's not completely pony related outside of Ashleigh Ball, but hey, you guys look bored, and they are awesome.  They also have a new album out if you like what you see!

    Anyway, check one of their songs out after the break from yesterdays trip to New York City.