• Nightly Roundup #326

    10 years ago, there was a slumber party at Canterlot Castle.  None of the fillies that attended it remember anything that happened.  It's a complete mystery.  All that remains is this image in the royal archives. 


    Have a roundup.

    Love is Bloom Laser Show

    Pony minature game at Origins

    Copy Paste:

    From May 31 to June 2, at the Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus, Ohio.  Bronies can play a home-made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic minature game that features both blind bag and custom ponies. 
    "It is Princess Celestia’s birthday and Twilight Sparkle and her friends need your help!  Pick your pony and get ready for a race around Ponyville.  Stop and visit each of your favorite MLP characters to gather birthday gifts for the Princess.  It’s a race to get the presents to the Princess first, but make sure you play fair and remember “friendship is magic!” 1 hour.  6 players."
    For more exclusives just for Equestria Daily, click here.  If any other anime, pony, or game cons are interested in bringing this game to their event, please contact Lisa Ford at [email protected].

    Primary Doc

    German Nickelodeon Pony Marathon

    Looks like the German version of Nick has a pony marathon planned.  On the 26th of may from 11:45-18:10 ponies will be invading the channel.  Check out the website for it here! Thanks to nilsrobin for the heads up!

    Brony Parody

    Don't lie, some of you are just like that!

    Double Rainboom Site Updates

    The Double Rainboom animation project website has updated with a bunch of new goodies. Included in this mix are the following:

    ○ Six new backgrounds
    ○ Rainbow Dash Puppet v1.0
    ○ Twilight Promotional Poster
    ○ Twilight's Bedroom Staging Study
    ○ Crew Pony Pictures and Bios

    They also have a new Deviant Art project page

    Check out their main website here for all of these and more!

    Fallout Equestria Comic Help

    Hey Everypony It's L9OBL that hack behind the Fallout Equestria comic! Turns out the latest issue has taken a turn for the long (I have 14 pages of comic drawn up and only got through the first two pages of chapter 3). So it looks I will be needing another artist to help out with the comic. This time around I need a fore ground artist to help colour in, well the foreground elements (ponies, weapons, interactive objects etc) Those interested can apply at [email protected] where I will give more detail, on submission, criteria etc.


    Radiant Eclipse

    Copy Pasye:
    This week, Radiant Eclipse has a special guest: Jen, voiced by Crescendo of EFR's staff. The show will be co-hosted by Koollan and FlutterDashie. They discuss the newly released Diablo III, the comments by Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel's show No Reservations, and the Brony Thank You Fund charity.


    Brony Talk Show



    Successful Meetups

    Aberystwyth Meetup

    Boston Meetup

    St. Petersburg Meetup




    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Houston TX Comicpalooza Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    This weekend Comicpalooza in Houston, TX has nine MLP panels. Technically there are ten on the schedule but the group running most of them is dropping one due to the times. The Houston Brony group says there going to be making some big announcements and featuring some exclusive first looks. They also have General Zoi (Pony Creator creator) and Colin Vorhies as a artist guest. Can't wait!
    Here's the MLP highlight list

    Meetup Page

    Anime North Meetups

    This year Anime North is getting Ponified and Bronified massively, see below.


    Mlp: Fim - The Show: Time: Late Saturday night/Midnight sunday 24:00, Venice Room, Doubletree hotel

    MLP:FiM - The Fandom Time: Saturday Day, 13:00, Venice Room, Double Tree hotel.


    Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal bronies tri city meetup, Saturday, Outside Doubletree 14:10 http://www.facebook.com/events/382535198463634/

    Bronies of Canada meetup, Sunday, 15:00, Location TBA http://www.facebook.com/events/311874352205485/

    For video schedule and a gdocs of every event see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F0BvyrV8S7Y3FVqbYhQFA6Y-3tLvQZmqoJDEKTMy8OE/edit

    Metrocon Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    I am going to be hosting a Grand Galloping Gala at Metrocon this year in Tampa, Florida. It will be on June 16, 2012 from 8:00pm EST through 10:00pm EST. I have a Facebook event page for said event. I would like it if you could share this with your readers so that some Floridians know about said experience. It will be in panel room 24-25 at the Tampa Convention Center. Here's the link and I hope to see some fans out here.


    FiM Meetup Directory

    Copy Paste: 
    As a brony who has been to many local in-person MLP meetups in my area, I have started a small little project in hopes of generating awareness for these meetup groups. Yes, other directories do exist, but many of them out of date and are updated only sporadically. However, I hope to change that by creating a meetup group directory that is actively managed and updated under my eye. You learn more here."

    Secret World Guild

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders is a Templar Cabal in the upcoming MMO, The Secret World.  We aim to promote respect and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for both our cabal members and all players we encounter, in and out of game.  We are focused on Player vs. Environment content as well as crafting and helping other players.  We aren't opposed to some Player vs. Player content on the side for those who are interested, but it is not our focus.
    We are a child guild to the MLP Friendship is Magic guild on Star Wars: The Old Republic's Vornskr server.

    Our forum is available at http://swtorponies.forumotion.com/f4-secret-world

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