• Giant Wall Paper Ponies on the German Version of Amazon

    It looks like Giant Wall ponies have popped up on the German version of Amazon. There are quite a few available too! We have had something similar to these for about a year now, but the designs were very limited. This group has a whopping two pages of them available right now. Hell, who wouldn't want a giant Twilight Sparkle library their wall?! It is a little weird seeing the ponies floating around in space up there though. Last I checked, they removed Pinkie Pie's wings so Rainbow Dash could actually work and Ponyville wouldn't be raining 24/7.

    Also Luna.  I'm glad she is getting some merch love lately.

    Check out the full set here! Or here!

    Thanks again to Ace Reporter Whatshisgame for browsing German websites so we don't have to!