• Comic: The Insult / Twilight Vs. Technology 3 / Save Cheerilee, Save the World

    We have three comics this time around, starting with a magazine ad for assertiveness training, followed by Twilight learning to type, and a heroes parody for those that watched that old series that went from awesome  to lolwut in just five seasons.  Click them all for full!

  • Mixed Music: Captain Applejack & The Seven Apples / Better / Twilightlicious

    We don't have three of anything today! Have something from every genre. First off, Applejack pretends to be a pirate with an Instrumental song, followed by some rap from f3nning, and Tara Strong blasts us with yet another Twilicious remix. Enjoy1

    1.) Captain Applejack & The Seven Apples - Senjan
    2.) F3nning - Better
    3.) ElectroPone ft. Tara Strong - Twilightlicious

  • Story: For the Love of Manican Food

    [Comedy][Slice of Life][Random] Yes, that is in fact Twilight in a taco...

    Author: Shire Folk
    Description: Did you know that there's no place in Ponyville where a pony can get a decent burrito? Neither did Twilight Sparkle.
    For Love of Manican Food

    Additional Tags: One-shot, Burrito, Search, Fracas, Lunch
  • Random Merch: Puzzles and Activity Sets

    Thanks to Jared for the Image
    They sure do roll out a ton of stuff involving these ponies!  This time we have a puzzle found at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I'm assuming a lot of smaller retail drug stores will probably have similar stock.

    We also have a carry along activity pad, though the actual book looks surprisingly similar to a certain coloring book that was floating around a while back.  I am not sure if they actually switched it up this time around.  This specific set was found at Garden Ridge in Atlanta.  Thanks to Rags for the image

    And finally, a giant coloring book for all the German bronies out there.  It looks like it has 56 pages to fill in.  You can find a gallery of the images here!

    Thanks to Jared for the Puzzle image, Rags for the activity book, and Tinf for the coloring book!

  • Story Updates March 10th (Evening)

    Story update time! We have 5 of them this time around.  Charge! 

  • Remix/Vocal Music: Winter Wrap Up - (Old Fluttershy Mix) / Giant Hat / Skies of a Manehatten Night

    It's mix time! We have a remix of Winter Wrap Up, followed by a vocal song dedicated to Friendship is Witchcraft, and finish off with some rap! Check them out below.

    1.) Winter Wrap Up - (Old Fluttershy Mix)
    2.) Giant Hat (A Witchcraft Love Song) - Scarlett Peace
    3.) Skies of a Manehatten Night- Ibeabronyrapper (Rap)

  • Intense Debate Comments

    You may have noticed the random test posts from the last few weeks with new comment systems included! We have been working out the bugs on IntenseDebate.  It's similar to Disqus, but much less clunky.  Blogger's system has been having some issues lately, since they are migrating over to the new interface (Missing comment box, comments poofing, spam filters picking up everything on the planet, ect). I wanted to wait until after the new episode came out before launching it.  Hopefully we can work out any bugs before the next big post.  

    Unlike Disqus, this will only effect new posts, so old story threads with 5000 comments will be untouched.  

    Some of the new things Disqus adds:
    • Threaded Comments
    • Sort by Date/Activity/Ect
    • Twitter/Facebook logins
    • Voting
    • Reputation Scores
    • And a bunch of other random stuff. 
    It isn't perfect though.  You may have noticed your Google Account not working.  This is something we are looking to fix.  It's also missing the comment number on the main page. 

    As with all EQD Comment excursions, it is recommended that you backup any large ones you don't want to lose.  We may end up reverting back, and unlike Disqus, intense debate doesn't sync new comments into the blogger database. 

    If you do not want to use your facebook/twitter, the best option for Intense Debate is... Intense Debate! That's right, they have their own comment setup.  You can create an account for it here.  This will allow you to use whatever profile image you want, a well as a bunch of other tweaks. 

    Until blogger fixes their randomly missing widgets and other issues, we will probably have to roll with this! Their massive revamps are breaking all sorts of things.  Honestly, EQD was sort of in the stone age anyway. 
  • Music: Non-Stop Party Adventure / MLP Electro Swing / Pinkie's Brew Psychedlic

    Two remixes and a vocal this time around! Check them out below.

    1.) Automatic Jack-The Twisa Spajor Non-Stop Party Adventure
    2.) Winterbop - MLP Electro Swing
    3.) Psychedelic Brony (with Meletric): Pinkie's Brew

  • Comic: Hooves Suck / A Little Boost

    Click for Full
    The misadventures of Lyra and Guyra continue in Veggie's latest comic! I don't blame Lyra for wanting fingers, using hooves for everything must get problematic at times.

    Also today we have Scootaloo having her try at some cider! You all know that's going to end well.

    Click for Full
  • Drawfriend Stuff #358

    So much Twilight Sparkle today! I for one welcome our new egghead overlord. 

    Source 1

    And new banner dedicated to said overlord by Alexstraza!

  • Comic: Twilicious / Future Twilight

    Twilight Comic time to celebrate National Twilight Day.  Twilicious above, and Twilight time travel below.

    You know I used to see the word "Twilight" as a negative before pony?  How times change... 

  • It's About Time - Discussion

    ^This is the truth. It's also relevant because adorable Twilight.
  • Episode Announcement: MMMystery on the Friendship Express

    New episode announcement time!  Looks like we have a mystery style episode coming up.  Sadly I could only find CIA Pinkie.

    Check everything out after the break to avoid spoilers as always.

  • Nightly Roundup #264

    Twilight is finally getting an episode in just a few short hours! Can you handle the anticipation? Because she cant! Have some nightly roundup stuff while we wait.

  • Story Updates March 10th (Evening)

    Update time! It's also Twilight Night, so have a Twilight header.