• Random Merch: Puzzles and Activity Sets

    Thanks to Jared for the Image
    They sure do roll out a ton of stuff involving these ponies!  This time we have a puzzle found at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I'm assuming a lot of smaller retail drug stores will probably have similar stock.

    We also have a carry along activity pad, though the actual book looks surprisingly similar to a certain coloring book that was floating around a while back.  I am not sure if they actually switched it up this time around.  This specific set was found at Garden Ridge in Atlanta.  Thanks to Rags for the image

    And finally, a giant coloring book for all the German bronies out there.  It looks like it has 56 pages to fill in.  You can find a gallery of the images here!

    Thanks to Jared for the Puzzle image, Rags for the activity book, and Tinf for the coloring book!