• Nightly Roundup #264

    Twilight is finally getting an episode in just a few short hours! Can you handle the anticipation? Because she cant! Have some nightly roundup stuff while we wait.

    Rainbow Dash Invades Harvard-MIT Math Tournament

    Yeah, Rainbow Dash went full egghead.

    Pony Colored Ghostbusters Stuff!

    No movie is safe from the ponification!



    Lauren Faust at Wondercon Update!

    I posted about this a while back with some information on her new ip, but this banner here has a bit more stuff to dig into! If you guys plan to hit Wondercon, definitely check out her booth!

    Steam Contest

    Copy Paste:
    Hoofington Steam Group will run an art contest to promote new art and more ponies!
    The contest will reward to the most creative pieces submitted for the contest, with prizes up for 3 winners:
    1st Winner – Any game up to 40Dlls over steam (or many games making up 40 in total)
    2nd Any game up to 35dlls (or combined)
    3rd Up to 30Dlls (or in total)
    The rules are simple:
    • Must be new art
    • Submit before the end of March 31
    • Must be Safe For Woona or no extreme dark
    Submit everything to -> [email protected]

    Kansas City Flash Mob

    A huge flash mob is planned for Kansas City, Check out all the rules for it here!

    Ponibooru Contest

    Draw their oc ponies, win Mass Effect! Seems easy enough right? Check ti out here.


    Chess Sculpting: Pinkie Pie


    The Ponycast Episode 9


    That one Bronycast Episode 9

    Episode 9
    Mystery Pony Theater 20,000


    Successful Meetups

    Omaha NE Meetup

    41 total here! Crazy!

    Brony Story Blog

    A blog dedicated to telling everyone your story! Check it out here.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Zagreb City Meetup

    Where: Arena Centar, in front of north entrance (nearest one to Arena Zagreb (Dalmacija))
    When: 10.3.2012., 16.00h
    premeetup meetup: Josip Jelačić Square (under clock), 15.00h


    Toronto Meetup

    his Sunday, March 11th, the bronies of Toronto are getting together for a long overdue meetup at the Eaton Centre in the food court, at 1:00pm.

    The Facebook event can be found here:
    And the Facebook group can be found here:

    Gaming Community: Ponies of Mayhem

    Introduction: Were a Brony gaming community that is involved in several MMO's out on the market. We take joy in player vs player type game play and love to have a good laugh while rolling. In coordination with our game play we use Team Speak 3 and Steam to stay connected. And when were offline we migrate over to our site to mingle and share our stories and have conversation's.

    Steam Group
    Battlefield Platoon

    Central California Meetup

    Event Page

    Wakfu Guild

    Copy Paste:
    Are you a player of the newly released Square Enix's MMO Wakfu?
    Are you tired that you can't find any bronies and/or are seeking?
    Then look no further, Equestria needs ponies like you!
    We aren't much, but we're all pretty nice and helpful, If you're interested.
    Contact me by the in game name: Emmis
    Or send me an email ! :[email protected]
    Server: Nox

    Wars of Equestria RP Forum

    Copy Paste:

    The staff and members of Wars of Equestria would like to invite you all to our new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic-based roleplay site. Wars of Equestria combines a friendly and open atmosphere with three distinct roleplay settings. Wars of Equestria, Promise of Equestria, and Fallout Equestria. If you’re a My Little Pony Friendship is magic fan who’s looking for some pony-based roleplay, please stop by. We’d love to have you!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Bookbag
    Derpy Plush
    Flim Flaim Plushies
    Coupon Code for Etsy Shop: Just toss EQDaily in there for 10% off!
    Applejack Boxers
    Fluttershy Boxers
    Rainbow Filly

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