• Intense Debate Comments

    You may have noticed the random test posts from the last few weeks with new comment systems included! We have been working out the bugs on IntenseDebate.  It's similar to Disqus, but much less clunky.  Blogger's system has been having some issues lately, since they are migrating over to the new interface (Missing comment box, comments poofing, spam filters picking up everything on the planet, ect). I wanted to wait until after the new episode came out before launching it.  Hopefully we can work out any bugs before the next big post.  

    Unlike Disqus, this will only effect new posts, so old story threads with 5000 comments will be untouched.  

    Some of the new things Disqus adds:
    • Threaded Comments
    • Sort by Date/Activity/Ect
    • Twitter/Facebook logins
    • Voting
    • Reputation Scores
    • And a bunch of other random stuff. 
    It isn't perfect though.  You may have noticed your Google Account not working.  This is something we are looking to fix.  It's also missing the comment number on the main page. 

    As with all EQD Comment excursions, it is recommended that you backup any large ones you don't want to lose.  We may end up reverting back, and unlike Disqus, intense debate doesn't sync new comments into the blogger database. 

    If you do not want to use your facebook/twitter, the best option for Intense Debate is... Intense Debate! That's right, they have their own comment setup.  You can create an account for it here.  This will allow you to use whatever profile image you want, a well as a bunch of other tweaks. 

    Until blogger fixes their randomly missing widgets and other issues, we will probably have to roll with this! Their massive revamps are breaking all sorts of things.  Honestly, EQD was sort of in the stone age anyway.