• Twilicious Remixes! Update + Alex S!

    So.... that was quick! Have some remixes of Tara Strong's Twilicious!

    1.) Twililicious - MBAlpha (Remix)
    2.) Elliptisoar ft. Tara Strong - Twilightlicious (Remix)
    3.) Track artwork Alex S. & Tara Strong - Twilightlicious (Swag Boss Word Up)

  • Pinkie's Message of the Week: Octavia Edition

    Is that a...reaper?  I really need to go get that game some time.  Maybe I'll pick it up tonight and marathon it while waiting for the new episode... Hmm.

    Anyway, Pinkie Pie is back with yet another one of her Friday Night pre-episode banters, this time with special guest: Octavia! Click the image for the comic.
  • A Batch of Everfree Announcements!

    The Everfree staff has sent us a bushel of announcements! Rather than stick them in a roundup, I have placed them after the break for your reading pleasure. So check that break. It's sponsored by something other than Brony Cola this time.

    Seriously, help me think of another product while you read this stuff.

  • Instrumental Music: For The Solar Empire / Fluttershy's Lullaby / March of the Lunar empire / Forsaken Night

    Instrumental time! Lots of cool stuff this time around. 

    Did I mention how much I like that Luna/Nightmare moon image above? It's so... smooth.

    I digress! Check the music out below, with their genres listed next to them. 

    1.) For The Solar Empire (Orchestral) (Confirmed for stolen from Mech Warrior)
    2.) Fluttershy's Lullaby (Acoustic)
    3.) DasDeer - March of the Lunar empire (Orchestral)
    4.) Forsaken Night - Codeum (House/Electronic/Chill)

  • Welovefine's Cupcake Challenge Voting Begins!

    The finalists for the Welovefine cupcake competition have been released!  Some of these looks like straight up models you would display instead of edible food items. 

    Check out the ones that are up for a win here, and the poll here!
  • Higher Resolution McDonalds Toys Showcase

    As most of you probably have noticed by now with the flood of McDonalds pony posts in the last few days, the toys are now finally available.  Today was the official release date.

    We reported a few days ago that different ponies will be arriving on different days, and for some restaurants this still remains true, but a good majority of them seem to have all of them in stock right out the gate.

    The best way to get a full set, is to be courteous.  Try visiting at a time where the employees aren't being rushed.  If there is a line, they will most likely tell you only a few are in stock.  I actually saw this first-hand last year when I went during my lunch break, and was only able to get two.  When I returned later that night when their traffic was low, I was able to get a full set.

    It looks like most are the same molds as last year, including the cheap butt symbols.  These are McDonalds toys though, so you can't expect too much!

    After the break, you will find images of all of them in relatively high resolution.

    Oh, and have a Pinkie Pie Interview from the McDonalds website too, just for lulz. 

  • Pinkie Pie Hacks Google!

    It looks like Ponyville's Premiere Party Pony has won Google's Pwnium hacker contest, where they challenge computer guru's and script kiddies alike to find exploits in their products. 

    Someone going by the name of "Pinkie Pie"  ripped the 4th wall of Google Chrome to shreds, setting up not one, but three zero-day vulnerabilities. Or in this case, "Escaped the Sand Box."

    And a quote:
    “I got lucky because I found a way [to jump out of the sandbox] very early.  I figured it out by looking at it carefully,”
    Like you have ever had difficulties with jumping Pinkie Pie... That 60k prize was in the bag from the start! 

    Check out the full article here!
  • Streams and Mare-A-Thons Tonight!

    Lots of mare-a-thons tonight! Check them out below.

    It's also really long, so I'm tossing a page break in!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #357

    EVERYONE got sent back to magic kindergarten!  These ponies could use some basic lessons in the art of judgement calls and morals anyway!

    Spoiler Note: Lots of future Twilight came in after the episode clip.  Avoid this until tomorrow if you want to avoid seeing her. 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates March 9th (Evening)

    Tons of story updates today! If you don't find something you are reading here, you need to read more than Through the Eyes of Another Pony and Fallout Equestria!


  • Flash: Twilicious

    Tara strong recorded this just a few hours ago, and it's already animated.  Twilight Sparkle is best troll.  Check it out after the break!

    Also, a longer one was released! check it out here

    I think voicing a character does that by default!
  • Fan Animation: MrPoniator's Fist of the Shy Pony

    MrPoniator has another one of his signature animations out based on last weekend's episode! Check it out above for some more assertive Fluttershy.
  • Story: A Love Letter

    [Sad] [Alternate Universe]

    Author: Butterscotch Cream
    Description: Sometimes writing a letter is considered the "easier" way to communicate, but despite all its comparative "ease" it can also be one of the hardest things you ever do.

    A Love Letter

    Additional Tags: Serious, Homosexuality, Controversy, Struggles, Hope
  • Comic: A Look to the Future / Alternate Trainer / Hush Now

    We have time travel up above, and two Fluttershy being assertive for various reasons below! Click them for the full versions as always.

  • Story: An Old Guardspony's Last Duty


    Author: BuffaloBrony
    Description: A young Equestrian Guard recruit is ordered to attend - of all things - the retirement party of a complete stranger. However, things at the party turn out to be not quite what he expected. As the night progresses, he learns some valuable lessons about himself and just what the duties of being a Guardspony in Her Eternal Princesses' Royal Guards entails.

    An Old Guardspony's Last Duty

    Additional Tags: Self-discovery, Duty, Retirement, Bittersweet, Teaching
  • The Newbie Artist Training Ground Alumni Group

    Similiar to the events we run here on EQD, the Newbie Artist Training Grounds Alumni group runs weekly drawing workshops with the sole purpose of improving you as an author.  Each week a new topic pops up, and it is your job to make it happen, regardless of your current skill level. 

    Check out their most recent one here, dedicated to ponies traveling, and visit their Alumni group for information on joining in the next one!
  • Poll Results: Presidental Candidates

    I think we can end this one early.  It's pretty obvious who won.  I'm surprised Rarity came in last! She owns her own business guys! Clearly a pony of her status would do well in politics.  I think Twilight Sparkle might lose her mind!
  • Hurricane Fluttershy Extended Synopsis

    Uverse has released another extended synopsis!  Hurricane Fluttershy sounds like its going to be an epic one! Check it out after the break

  • Tara Strong Trollin The Bronies: Audio File Edition

    Tara has been trollin us for a few weeks now, and seems to have discovered Vocaltwit.  In one of her recent tweets, she recorded a short Twilight Sparkle rap that I'm sure some music guy will have a blast turning into a full on song.

    Check the audio file out here, or her twitter page!

    And for those in or near Calgary, it looks like she will be attending the Comic and Entertainment Expo happening on the 27th of April.  Information on the actual event can be found here!

    And because I feel like going all out on pony celebrity entertainment tonight, Ashleigh Ball sang someone Happy Birthday in Applejack's voice.  That can be found after the break!

  • Rainbow Dash Automaton

    It's late! You want something to do because you have insomnia like me! (Or you live in another country where it's not 4 AM.)

    How about checking out this Rainbow Dash automaton? I don't think we have seen anything at all like this yet.

    Watch the video after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #263

    We have some singalongs this time around, so enjoy the music ponies!

    Have some news/community stuff.