• Higher Resolution McDonalds Toys Showcase

    As most of you probably have noticed by now with the flood of McDonalds pony posts in the last few days, the toys are now finally available.  Today was the official release date.

    We reported a few days ago that different ponies will be arriving on different days, and for some restaurants this still remains true, but a good majority of them seem to have all of them in stock right out the gate.

    The best way to get a full set, is to be courteous.  Try visiting at a time where the employees aren't being rushed.  If there is a line, they will most likely tell you only a few are in stock.  I actually saw this first-hand last year when I went during my lunch break, and was only able to get two.  When I returned later that night when their traffic was low, I was able to get a full set.

    It looks like most are the same molds as last year, including the cheap butt symbols.  These are McDonalds toys though, so you can't expect too much!

    After the break, you will find images of all of them in relatively high resolution.

    Oh, and have a Pinkie Pie Interview from the McDonalds website too, just for lulz. 

    Thanks to Cuttexedo for the images!