• Nightly Roundup #263

    We have some singalongs this time around, so enjoy the music ponies!

    Have some news/community stuff.

    Crazy amounts of people singing pony songs!

    First off we have Bronies United's new song, Find a Pet:

    And second, is a whopping 200 people singing with BaldDumboRat's Derpy voice:

    Pretty crazy!

    They Might be Giants Posts Pony

    Looks like another band has plugged a pmv of one of their tracks. I love the internet...

    Ponies Take Over School Elections

    Yeah, that's a huge improvement.

    Pony Fortress Mapping Contest

    Another crazy contest has popped up, dedicated to creating custom pony maps! check it out here!

    Humanized Art Contest

    Copy Paste:

    Draw your favorite Mane 6 pony as a humans and the winners (one for each Pony) gets his/her design sculpted into a full 3-D clay figure! You also win a Clay Magnet of the character, a pegasus pin, and a surprise gift!

    Submit colored art to [email protected] with 'Pony Contest - [pony name]. For full rules see this.


    Chess Set Vlog: Trixie, Fluttershy, Gilda, Applejack

    More pieces created! charge!


    Brony Talk Episode 9 - AJ The Engineer

    Copy Paste:
    owdy, everypony! With Cinnamon Top out of commission this week, Graymane Hooves hosts our next installment of Brony Talk as we interview talented musician AJtheEngineer. After we've had a round of questions with him, we'll allow our viewers to ask their own questions to him directly.

    Be sure to join join us this Thursday at 9:00pm EST here!

    Hope to see you there!

    Dramatic Reading: The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie

    Part 1
    Part 2

    End of Ponies Audio Book Project

    Copy Paste:
    With the author's permission and input, I am organizing an audio book format for The End of Ponies by Short_Skirts_and_Explosions. If you haven't read the story I heartily recommend it as one of the very best this fandom has to offer.

    Due to the sheer number of characters in the story, I think it will sound much better with additional VA's as opposed to just me narrating it and stretching my vocal cords every which way.

    Ideally, I'd want anypony able to pull off mane six voices (Specifically Fluttershy, Applejack, and/or Pinkie Pie so far.) If you can't mimic a show voice have no fear; there are plenty of OC's and I'm not all that particular about matching vocals as long as you can pull off the emotion from the story.

    Anyone interested can find more details in my ponychan thread.

    Or by contacting me by email


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Hertfordshire / London Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    When: Saturday, 10th March 2012
    Where: Watford Junction Station from 12:30PM onwards.
    Est. Finish Time: By 5PM latest.

    Further Reading

    Colombus, Ohio Meetup


    Toowomba, Queensland, Australia Meetup


    Austin, Texas Meetup



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Talking Twilight plushie
    Cutie Mark paintings
    Scratch Plushie