• New Activity Books Spotted

    It's time for an activity book dump! We've received several of these recently, so I'm compiling them all into one post for your convenience. Yes, they're still using the stock vectors from a year ago. Yes, I sighed when I saw them.

    Check the break! Sponsored by Brony Cola, because I'm taking Phoe's line.

  • Comic: Pinkie's New Friend / WHAT HAVE I DONE / Unexpected Encounters

    Comic time! We have Pinkie Pie being completely ridic... actually, I've typed that so many times it's getting old.  Give me something better to assign to Pinkie Pie in the comments.

    Also Twilight's new spell, and Applebloom meets a Skeleton Pony. 

    Click them all for full!

  • Music Remixes: Giggle at the Ghostly (DitzyRhythm Remix) / Smile (Codeum Remix Feat. MermaidKween) / Winter Wrap Up Elevator Remix

    It's remix time! We start off with some Giggle at the ghostly, followed by a song I have been told to let everyone know takes awhile to get going, and finishing off with Winter Wrap Up... elevator music. Honestly It's a lot better than it sounds! Check all three out below.

    1.) Giggle at the Ghostly (DitzyRhythm Remix)
    2.) Smile (Codeum Remix Feat. MermaidKween)
    3.) Winter Wrap Up Elevator Remix (Garage Band)

  • PMV: ✭ρ♏V ✭ ~ ♪♬ ~ в ℓ σ ω ~ ♪♬ || ∂αяк нσσƒ ѕтυ∂ισѕ ❤ |

    See that completely obnoxious title?  Well, this PMV Pretty much shares that when it comes to effects! Get your sunglasses on, because your eyes are about to start a 6 round boxing match.

    Seriously though, this is really cool.  I bet it took forever.  And that syncing... everything matches up perfectly. 

    Find it after the break.

  • Animation: Where Them Ponies At

    I for one welcome Scratch as official music video pony.   This is animation of Scratch singing "Where them Girls at".  Apparently it took him a whopping 120 hours to make!

    Check the Youtube version out after the break, or click the above image for the Flash one.

  • Friendship is Witchcraft Alternate Lines and Bonus Content

    Friendship is Witchcraft has released a bonus content video for all of us to chew on while we wait for episode six.  Apparently it was supposed to release last weekend, but some issues cropped up that delayed it a bit.

    Some planned highlights for their Luna episode:
    • Another original song
    • More animations
    I still have Pinkie's Brew and the Sweetie Bot song on my playlist personally.

    Anyway, check their bonus/alternative line video out after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #347

    We haven't had a royal guard edition in forever, so have some! I still prefer Luna's genetically modified bat guards myself.  

    Source 1
  • Story Updates February 28th (Evening)

    Something about Cheerilee's color combination makes me really like her.  I can't figure it out...

    Anyway, have some story updates! 
  • Story: Going Home (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] We definitely haven't had anything with Pinkie Pie's parents yet. Apparently we have!

    Author: Mazer
    Description: When Pinkie's Father becomes too sick to work, she is requested by her mother to return home to the Rock Farm in order to help out. Now Pinkie must face her childhood memories along with the fear of her father's health.
    Going Home Part 1: The After Party
    Going Home Part 2: The Cutie Mark Crusaders 
    Going Home Part 3: Rainbows and Turnips
    Going Home Part 4: Family Meeting (New!)
    Going Home Part 5: Father's Request (New!)
    Going Home Part 6: The Party (New!)
    Going Home Part 7: Returning Home (New!)

    Additional Tags: Emotional, Development, Backstory, fleshing out
  • Gawker's Article on Friendship is Magic + Hasbro Response to Derpy's Takedown

    Over on Gawker, a new article has popped up about our little Derpy extravaganza.   They acutally did a pretty good job of digging through the piles of information that has been flooding every aspect of the fandom for the past few days, as well as bugging Cereal for an interview.  It is Gawker though, so expect some snide remarks buried in there. 

    One key point to focus on is the Hasbro PR rep's response:
    "The 'My Little Pony Friendship is Magic' series has always been about acceptance and inclusion, and the series strives to convey that through the playful antics of a diverse cast of characters," Hasbro spokeswoman Nicole Angello told us over email. "Some viewers felt that aspects of the episode 'The Last Roundup' did not stay true to the core message of friendship which is the heart and soul of the series. Hasbro Studios decided to make slight audio alterations to this single episode."
    So there you have it!

    You can find the entire article here!
  • New Welovefine Shirt: Octavia Approved

    Normally I would wait for Welovefine to get a few more shirts up before posting a compilation set, but fans of the music ponies will probably get a kick out of this one.  As most of you know, Hasbro has to approve the shirts put up on Welovefine before they can be sold, and it looks like Octavia managed to get through that little blockade without any problems... with her fanon name.

    So, welcome Octavia to the official canon herd I suppose!

    You can find the shirt here.

    They also have a new Nightmare Moon bag, check that out here!
  • Collegehumor's Brony Video

    Collegehumor recently did a Brony video.  The animation is actually pretty impressive, but it is definitely focusing on the negative.   You might want to avoid this if you are easily offended.  Everyone else might get a good laugh out of it!  Generally their parody videos are supposed to be ridiculous.

    Check it out here !

    And all bronies listen to skrillex.
  • Hub Commercial Air Time Reminder

    We posted about The Hub's new pony schedule coming up in the next few weeks a couple of days ago, but they have released an official commercial for it with some new Rainbow Dash lines for you all to do whatever you want with!  It's not the most exciting news on the planet, but I'm sure she can be spliced into [INSERT TECHNO REMIX HERE] right before [INSERT DROP HERE] with this new "Punch holes in the sky!".

    Check it out after the break.

  • Comic: Designer Master / Statued Discord / Cheer Up / Aponymous Message

    Comic time! Everything from Derpy Hooves to Statues Discord this time around.  Click them all for the full versions.

  • Story: Griffon a Hard Time (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Description: Gilda is on a mission of desperation to find Rainbow Dash to become best friends again. However, her pride and conflicted feelings causes her to act impetuously, posing confusion and dilemmas. As she finally reaches Rainbow Dash, she soon finds herself staring down a magical concoction she will never forget. When she wakes up, she will being seeing the world in a different way, literally. New emotions arise, along with old and new conflicts with Rainbow Dash and her friends.

    Can Gilda use this new opportunity to make things right and forge new relationships? Or will she sabotage herself against her unyielding pride.
    Griffon a Hard Time (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: First-Person / Dilemmas / Transformation / Cupcakes / Gilda insanity
  • Music: Smile (Daks Remix) / Fly with the Pegasi (feat. Aviators) / Daring Mare (Piranha Remix)

    Remixes and Vocal time,  Lots of good stuff in this one.  Check them all out below! 

    1.) Smile (daks Remix)
    2.) zahqo - Fly with the Pegasi (feat. Aviators)
    3.) H8_Seed - Daring Mare (Piranha Remix)

  • Game: My Little Pony - Budding Friendships

    The Harvest Moon style pony game, "My Little Pony - Budding Friendships" has released a new short demo video of their current progress.  Apparently the entire team has been restructured from the ground up and is now focused on getting this thing completed!

    For fans of farming sims, this might be the game for you! Check out the video after the break, and their development blog here!
  • What Applejack Does When Nopony's Looking

    Applejack is a sneaky pony. You know she does this in the show when she's not in an episode doing anything interesting. Which would be most of the time.

    Check the break!

  • Story: Spelling It Out

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: short skirts and explosions
    Description: Applejack has always struggled to make ends meet at Sweet Apple Acres. After the chaotic events of the Grand Galloping Gala, she returns home to find her farm experiencing a stroke of good luck. Applejack celebrates her fortune with all her friends, all except for one. Rainbow Dash has gone missing, and Applejack decides to find out why.

    Spelling It Out

    Additional Tags: Appledash, heartwarming, best friends chatting, doughnuts
  • Nightly Roundup #253

    I did a whole pile of updates to the Staff/Volunteer page here on EQD. You will find the exact names added after the break, but go check it out here if you want to see who all helps on the actual blog, including some of the regulars from our daily Skype music review chat. 

    And of course, you can find your normal news down there too!

  • Story Updates February 28th (Morning)

    Four new updates for you all to buy yourselves in.  Check them out below!