• New Activity Books Spotted

    It's time for an activity book dump! We've received several of these recently, so I'm compiling them all into one post for your convenience. Yes, they're still using the stock vectors from a year ago. Yes, I sighed when I saw them.

    Check the break! Sponsored by Brony Cola, because I'm taking Phoe's line.

    The header image is for the first book, called Cutie Mark Quest. From the email:

    Also there was a story and sticker book that must have appeared there during the last week, "Cutiemark Quest - A Panoramic Sticker Storybook". The book set me back $7.99, so it's definitely more expensive than the common coloring book, but this one isn't a coloring book at all. It's a full fledged story book that takes it's content from The Cutie Mark Chronicles, right down to screenshots of the show as artwork.

    Again, a fairly basic book. There does seem to be a hilarious error in the middle, though.


    Next we have the UK version of the MLP Magazine, which according to the email came with a toy cellphone and a notepad, because ponies can totally use cell phones. Actually, that would be pretty funny to see Applejack try to figure out an iPhone. Someone should write a fic about that.

    The magazine itself is pretty standard fare, as you can see from the table of contents. I immediately turned to the Rarity Cupcakes page, because I was hungry at the time.

    You sure are, Rarity.

    Isn't Pinkie Pie the pony baker?

    For reference, here's the toy phone. Apparently Equestria only has Blackberry devices.


    Lastly we have an activity book from Norway. If anyone here can speak the language this is written in, let me know, because it all looks like Greek to me. This one actually has an online gallery, so you can check that out here.