• Nightly Roundup #253

    I did a whole pile of updates to the Staff/Volunteer page here on EQD. You will find the exact names added after the break, but go check it out here if you want to see who all helps on the actual blog, including some of the regulars from our daily Skype music review chat. 

    And of course, you can find your normal news down there too!

    People Added to the EQD Volunteer/Staff Page

    Have a list:

    Calpain: Blog Author Specializing in Customs, Plushies, and Comics
    Xyro: Community Streamer
    Couch Crusader: Pre-Reader
    Twilight Snarkle: Pre-Reader
    Hidden Brony: Pre-Reader
    Tsyolin: Head of Prelisteners
    Wooden Toaster: Pre-Listener
    Icky: Pre-Listener
    The Living Tombstone: Pre-Listener
    Interrobang Pie: Corrupt Pre-prelistener + Ban-happy Skype Group Dictator
    Aleksander: Prelistener
    Rainbowdutch: Prelistener
    Cyril Lyric: Prelistener
    Overkillius: Prelistener

    Check it out here

    Top Ten Videos of February Voting Has Begun!

    Watch the video, and go vote!


    Acousticbrony Interview on Chimcherrychonga

    Check it out here!

    Equestrian Tides Episode 1 - A Heart Felt Reunion



    Successful Meetups

     Staffordshire University 

    A smaller one, but it's a start!


    Bronies Perth

    Copy Paste:
    The meetup was arranged to take place at Fremantle, though ambiguous meetup description resulted in a lot of lost fillies and colts. Eventually we managed to rally at the local Timezone arcade, where it was discovered they had access to ponies. Cue many games of skill being played to acquire said ponies. We then moved to the Esplanade park for the group shot, or rather many group shots but most involved bronies photobombing other bronies. Finally, we roamed the mean streets of Freo (which number exactly 3) and raided the Target and Myers for additional ponies. The latter was quite interesting as one of the managers was called up, and she spent a while trying to understand why a mob of 40 late-teens and mid-20's males were buying My Little Pony toys. I'm not sure if we left her more confused or less...

    Bergen Meetup

    No Picture here! They did toss a video though!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Indiana Meetup

    What: Indiana Brony Meetup
    When: Tuesday, March 13, 5-7 p.m.
    Where: Love's Travel Stop, 2299 Koger St, Mooresville, IN 46158

    The Love's stop has both a McDonald's and a Subway. If we have a bunch of people show up we'll meet in the McDonald's (they should have the new toys by then) but if only a couple others show up we'll meet in the Subway. I actually work in the Subway and probably will be on duty that night, so I'll be there for the whole time. The actual time is pretty flexible, so it could last as long as anyone wants.

    Unfortunately I can't set up a website right now, so if anyone is interested, have them email me at this address, [email protected]

    Stockholm Meetup

    Mars 10:th there will be a two-day meetup held in Stockholm under the title of "Trotholm Winter Wrap Up"

    The fee will be at 220 Swedish kroner for Cybertown and place to stay over night (a cinema none the less). We'll meet 12:00 at Sergels Torg. More info can be found at http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/190305314396564/ Please click attend at the event or, if you're not a facebooker, hit me up with a mail at [email protected] so that I know how many will be attending. 49 at the moment, and counting! Bring something to sleep on!

    Boston College Meetup

    When/Where: Boston College on March 10th, 2012, at 3:00PM. We will be meeting in Fulton 245


    Philly Bronies Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Dash Necklace
    Necklaces, earrings, ect!