• Simple PMV Compilation #8

    I think somewhere along the line, we got our numbers mixed up. It happens a lot though!

    Have some simple PMV's!

    1.) Sneeze.pony
    2.) Memoir of Season 1 - Wavin Flag PMV
    3.) Worlds Collide PMV
    4.) Once Again, With Feeling
    5.) Smile PMV Twilight Sparkle Vs. Trixie





  • Happy 1 Year EQD Comic From John Joseco!

    For those that didn't notice the MASSIVE BANNER up there, it's EQD's birthday! Clearly this calls for a celebration of epic scale! Sadly they are making me play video games. Luckily JJ drew us a comic, so check that out above instead!
  • Comic: Apple Blooms / Lights Out

    Source: Didjargo

    I have to admit, the very concept of Cutie Marks is a bit scary.  What if a pony gets completely screwed on their special talent?  Is there some type of mechanism in their brain that immediately makes them love whatever they end up with? 

     And Pinkie Pie breaking walls below, as always.

  • Instrumental Music: She Am Sky / All Fluttered Up / A Touch of Variation

    Miscellaneous Instrumental music time! We have Scootaloo, some Fluttershy Dubstep, and some Octavia to finish it off!

    When I say "instrumenetal", I mean "Isn't a remix or custom vocal song (with lyrics), but still feels pony". Oddly enough the musicians in the pre-listener group seem fine with it. Hope that clarifies everything. We might need a different name for them though, instrumental is a bit misleading.

    1.) TaisiKP befriends Underpony - She Am Sky
    2.) Sgt-Whip - All Fluttered Up
    3.) A touch of variation (Octavia) - CommandSpry

  • Sneak Peak of The New Episode: I Love Lucy Reference!

    I love Lucy anyone?  Apparently that's the case with this clip from The Hub! I love this show...

    Check it out here!

    I am going to get absolutely flooded with ponies in chef hats on Saturday.

    And Youtube after the break! 

  • Story: Mud, Sweat, and Tears

    [Normal] [Comedy]

    Author: Hyperexponential
    Description: Rarity is at her wits' end. Try as she might, she can't come up with an idea for her charity fundraiser. But Applejack can, and now she has to convince Rarity and Fluttershy to take part in the last thing either of them wants to do.
    Mud, Sweat, and Tears

    Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Hog Anxiety, Mud Wrestling
  • Story Updates January 19th (Evening)

    Story update time!

    Because stories are fun I guess!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #308

    Celestia sent SOPA to the MOOOOOON.  Have a bunch of art. 

    Source 1

    Also new banner by Gig Mendecil!
  • Massive Fighting is Magic Animation and Art Article

    Jay Wright over at Fighting is Magic has released a huge explanation on how the much anticipated pony brawler is animated, starting from basic Flash pallets, all the way to the painstaking process of actually recoloring them.  It's a lot more work than I thought, that's for sure!

    They deserve some applause for this.  Hit up the article here if you are interested in checking out the inner workings of the art side of the game!
  • Smile! Charity Album Pulls in 'Stupid Huge' Amount of Money

    Hey, you guys remember the Smile! charity album Bronies for Good put together to raise money for the Children's Cancer Association? Well, it's in its final wind down phases (going until the 25th for all those of you who want to hear some brony-made music and compete against each others' kindness for fabulous prizes!), but as we're hitting the final stretch there's some pretty momentous news: including bonuses from GlobalGiving, they've reached $21,000!! Holy wow on toast.

    You can find all the details on this post on their website for all the juicy details, including how they're handling ties on largest total donations for figuring out prize winners and stuff. Just in case you can't find it amidst all of their words, here it is amidst all of mine - prizes will be figured out according to largest donation amounts first, with the earliest among those contenders being handed the blue ribbon in the event of ties. This is your last chance to prove you are the best there is at saving the lives of sick kids, so get out there and show 'em your stuff!

    Let's take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for making this happen. Bronies for Good for organizing and spearheading the movement, and all of you for making it the stunning success that it's been so far. Whenever you find yourself wondering what it means to be a part of this fandom, look back on this, and smile! Ha... see what I did there? Ahem. As a final parting note, they'll be gearing up for a new charity soon in partnership with the group Your Siblings called Seeds of Kindness. The goal of that one is going to be putting up a clinic in Uganda followed by a green village in Burundi. If you're an artist or a musician or even just somepony with an extra gift to lend to the incentive pool, you should head over to the Bronies for Good website and get in touch with them. Keep being awesome, folks!
  • The Elder Scrolls Facebook Page Posts the Flutterdragon Mod

    Source: Matthias
    Thousands of mods across multiple games, and they pick the pony one to post.  I love this show.

    Even if that Fluttershy still gives me nightmares.

    Check it out here
  • Forbes Article on Pony, Skyrim, and Sopa

    I saw Flutterdragon in my nightmares last night.  It was not an enjoyable experience.

    The same guy that did the UK Wired Pony article wrote a new one for Forbes, dedicated to pony, Skyrim, and Sopa. On top of an already excellent piece on how Hasbro is dealing with our "little" demographic here, he also landed a full interview with Linda Steiner, the Executive Vice President for MLP at Hasbro.  (She totally calls it "pony" too, they should just adopt that name!).

    Both are excellent reads, so head on over to the article and give your eyes some love.  It has been what, five days since the last episode? They could use it!

    Looks like Kotaku did it too! 
  • Wallpaper Compilation #33

    We don't need no Rarity this morning! It's time for everypony else to get some love!

    That and Trixie is still in China. Poor girl...

  • Comic: Smarty Pants Playtime / Nope

    Click for Full
    I never knew that Smarty Pants could be made to look so cute! I've got to say, I really like her mane. Check out some adorable Smarty Pants above.

    Below we have Rainbow Dash causing problems for AJ once again with some unexpected results.

    Click for Full
  • PMV: Transcendence / Applejack is a b*tch

    The first one has some pretty amazing special effects. It's not my favorite song on the planet, but It's interesting to watch!

    And the second is Appledash, because that ship never gets old.

    2.) (PMV) Applejack is a b*tch [[Appledash]]

  • Comic: Unexpected Benefits of Zap Apples / The Spin Cycle

    Click for Full
    I still say Fluttershy's "wish" is a little odd. trees are neat and all, but there are a few negatives...  Though I guess a bunch of you want hooves, so it runs in the fandom. 

    And Derpy bring ridiculous below.

    Click for Full
  • Music: Bronyfied - Pinkie's Brew / Entering Equestria / Prelude to a Cutie Mark

    Pinkie Brew: Rock Edition? Hell yeah! Someone needs to remix that Sweetie Belle robot song now.

    We also have a remix of everything, and a Cutie Mark Crusading piano version.

    1.) Bronyfied - Pinkie's Brew (ft. The Living Tombstone)
    2.) MBAlpha - Entering Equestria
    3.) Pony Piano - Prelude to a Cutie Mark

  • Music: A Long Way from Equestria / Stars / Close But No Cigar

    It's vocal time! We have a really neat acoustic original from both Mandopony and Acoustic brony to start off, with a kick ass dubstep/instrumental song from Versilaryan, and a Weird Al parody if originals aren't your thing. Check them all out after the break!

    1.) A Long Way from Equestria -- Original MLP music by MandoPony & AcousticBrony
    2.) Vafrous Coyote - Stars
    3.) Close But No Cigar (Weird Al Parody)

  • YTPMV: Ponygroove / Super Meat Brony / Gerudo Ponies / How Princess Celestia Became the Solar Mare

    We haven't had one of these posts in a while! Have some YTPMV's

    1.) Ponygroove (Catgroove Remix)
    2.) Super Meat Brony: Everfree Funk V2 (Better Sources Edition)
    3.) Gerudo Ponies (No BGM)
    4.) How Princess Celestia Became the Solar Mare

  • Music: Weather Factory / Zap Apple Jam / AVALANCHE

    We have some epic weather factor music (Not the evil kind), Some Zap Apple Jam, and Fluttershy's Liquid Dubstep. We aren't sure what Liquid Dubstep is, but it sounds pretty neat!

    1.) Chain Algorithm - Weather Factory
    2.) Zap Apple Jam
    3.) "AVALANCHE" - Liquid Funk Dubstep

  • Rarity's Spartan Training

    Rarity is best Spartan.  Someone needs to draw her in her full Hoplite regalia now! I demand massive shields and ridiculous pony helmets!
  • Fan Animation: Baby Jealousy / Unhealthy Dose of Medication

    Click Here!
    MrPoniator continues his series of pony animations with this latest installment starring Scootaloo. How does this guy get them out so fast?

    Below we have an animated version of a scene from this comic by Niban-Destikim.

    Click Here!