• Smile! Charity Album Pulls in 'Stupid Huge' Amount of Money

    Hey, you guys remember the Smile! charity album Bronies for Good put together to raise money for the Children's Cancer Association? Well, it's in its final wind down phases (going until the 25th for all those of you who want to hear some brony-made music and compete against each others' kindness for fabulous prizes!), but as we're hitting the final stretch there's some pretty momentous news: including bonuses from GlobalGiving, they've reached $21,000!! Holy wow on toast.

    You can find all the details on this post on their website for all the juicy details, including how they're handling ties on largest total donations for figuring out prize winners and stuff. Just in case you can't find it amidst all of their words, here it is amidst all of mine - prizes will be figured out according to largest donation amounts first, with the earliest among those contenders being handed the blue ribbon in the event of ties. This is your last chance to prove you are the best there is at saving the lives of sick kids, so get out there and show 'em your stuff!

    Let's take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for making this happen. Bronies for Good for organizing and spearheading the movement, and all of you for making it the stunning success that it's been so far. Whenever you find yourself wondering what it means to be a part of this fandom, look back on this, and smile! Ha... see what I did there? Ahem. As a final parting note, they'll be gearing up for a new charity soon in partnership with the group Your Siblings called Seeds of Kindness. The goal of that one is going to be putting up a clinic in Uganda followed by a green village in Burundi. If you're an artist or a musician or even just somepony with an extra gift to lend to the incentive pool, you should head over to the Bronies for Good website and get in touch with them. Keep being awesome, folks!