• Daniel Ingram's "Sing Becoming Popular" Event

    Over on his Twitter account, Daniel Ingram recently sent out a challenge to the music community that pits them against the "Becoming Popular" song from two weeks ago. All they had to do was record themselves singing.  As is the norm for the fandom, everyone jumped on it.

    After the break, you will find a couple of the entries that people created. Now someone needs to splice them all together!

  • Secret of my Expertise

    MrPoniator is at it again, this time butchering the new doctor character's fledgling appearance.  Fans of his previous work will probably laugh, others will probably be slightly creeped out.  We deal with both audiences here at EQD though, so check it out after the break!

  • Comic: A Little Christmashap /

    Click for Full
    Filly Dash for president! Who could invade a country with that at the head?
  • Story: Moving On - Silver Spoon's Story (Update Sequel Part 7!)

    [Slice of Life] [Random] [Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy] Dude, that's a lot of tags.

    Author: Hollyfern
    Description: When Diamond Tiara moves away to Manehattan, she leaves Silver Spoon to cope with being alone. That is until one Cutie Mark Crusader extends the hoof of friendship.

    Moving On - Silver Spoon's Story

    The Spoon That Refused Polish (Sequel Part 7!)

    Additional Tags:
    Moving on and Growing up
  • Music: Happy Winter (Happy X-Mas - War is Over) // DJPoniver - Ground


    You're making it very hard for me to like you lately!

    1.) Happy Winter (Happy X-Mas - War is Over)
    2.) DJPoniver - Ground

  • Story: The Thing: An Antlertican Horror

    [Dark] [Crossover] [Adventure]

    Author: Scriber
    Description: Something inequine lurks beneath the frozen wasteland of Antlertica, Equestria's arctic territory. Twilight Sparkle and her friends are in the midst of setting up Equestria's most scientifically advanced research facility in one of the most remote locations on the planet...when some unexpected visitors arrive. What horror has been awakened? What long-buried secrets have been unearthed? And just how can you trust anypony when that pony just might be... a thing?

    The Thing: An Antlertican Horror

    Additional Tags: The Thing Crossover, How Horrifying
  • Holiday Banner Event

    Due to the popularity of the Halloween banner contest, we are running another one dedicated to the December holiday season, complete with all of its snow, lights, and decorated foliage! 

    This one will work the exact same way as the Halloween one.  Each day, a new festive banner will be tossed up, (Starting whenever we get enough entries to start cycling).  If we receive a large amount of them, we will periodically drop 25 at a time compilation style.

    The Rules: 
    • It needs to be somewhere around 1000x350 in dimensions.  (Preferably exact) 
    • It needs to involve some sort of December holiday (Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/ect.)  
    • It needs to be a transparent .png file (Though a full banner is fine too sometimes, examples after the break!)
    • It needs to have "Equestria": something.  
    • The banner above should give a good example of all of this 
    • Same EQD rules: No Gore, No Porn (Crucifixion and festive orgies included!)
    How to submit/include:

    When you have everything artified and ready to go (I can make up new words, go away), toss an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com with BANNER in the subject line.

    Include a Source Link (Deviant Art/Tumblr/Whatever you want)  and an attachment of your .png banner.  

    Deadlines and Other Information: 

    The deadline will be December 23rd at 11:59 PM PST.  We will chose 20 of the top banners and hold a poll.  The winner will be the official Holiday banner of 2011, and last until New Years!

    For everyone that already sent a banner, you have been added to the event queue!

    I'm including some examples from the Halloween competition after the break, and because they are awesome.  
  • 400 Page Pony Activity Book In Stores

    Apparently a new 400 page pony activity book is floating around, for the super cheap price of just 5 bucks.  Obviously the included puzzles and such are pretty basic, but seriously... 400 pages. That's a ton of pony. 

    If you want to pick one up, they are apparently sold at both Target and Costco, though I'm sure there are other stores out there if these two major chains carry them. 

    Now go color some pony! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #271

    More stuff that needs to be 1920x1080 edition! So epic...

    I guess you could also call this shipping edition.  The new episode was full of it, so it's inevitable!

    Have some art. Way too much art

    Source 1

    And new banner by Zobe !
  • Story Updates December 10th (Evening)

    This is a pretty massive story update post! Lots of really awesome stuff in here. As is the norm for the larger story update posts, there are a ton of link to create.  If anything is broken, please toss an email to Sethisto@gmail.com!

    Now go read! After the break.

  • Comic: Important Ponies / Zecora Begins

    Zecora needs more airtime! Zebras are under-represented in FiM!

    And how many references can Southparktaoist fit into one comic?! Click it and find out!

    Click for Full
  • Comic: The Buttered Toast of High Society / Snowball

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    Seriously Sweetie Belle, just pick up a mic and start singing already.  These CMC drive me nuts!

    I really like that Twilight Sparkle drawing style in the second one. 

    Click for Full
  • Poll Results: Who is the Best Male Pony?

    I think we already know who won.  I'm still siding with Fancy Pants this time around. The most interesting pony in the world clearly deserved this victory.  Who else could attract a perfect ten like Fleur? Not Big Mac, that's for sure!

    Next Poll: Which Background Pony Do You Want To See With a Custom Scene+Dialogue Lines?

    Note before you email me:  This is only for BG ponies without lines (minus Derpy's muuuuuuuufins).  Characters like Bonbon and Doctor Whooves already have scenes.
  • New Hub Commerical Has Three "Hearth Warming" Scenes

    It's a really short one, and has very little new stuff in it, but I'm sure you guys will enjoy it regardless! The recent "Hub Carolers" video has a few Hearth Warming Eve clips in it. Obviously that may constitute a spoiler, even if they are literally 2 seconds each, so don't watch it if you freak out about that sort of thing!
  • PMV: Wake Up // Eggman

    This made me laugh much more than it probably should have.

    1.) Wake Up
    2.) Eggman

  • Secret of My Exces

    Oh, Twilight.
  • Smile !: Massive Charity Event

    Bronies for Good and My Little Remix are both collaborating on a huge album project to raise money for The Children's Cancer Association.  They have a huge writeup about it over at the main website that details exactly how it works.  I'll copy paste it after the break for the lazy people out there! 

  • Secret of My Excess - Discussion

    It's that time of the week! We have a Spike episode apparently.  What crazy shenanigans will he get into this time?

    (Update) Battlefield was fun! We should do that again! 

    ONWARDS TO THE EPISODE, and sleep. 
  • Have Some New Alex S. While We Wait!

    Holy Celestia, I literally have 30 emails about this... And it totally deserves it! This guy seriously does some amazing remixes.  Dubstep is probably my least favorite genre, and I can't get enough. 

    Check it out after the break!

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Family Appreciation Day

    Looks like Granny Smith is on the horizon! I don't know if I can call her best pony, but I'm sure the comedy will be great.  Old people are always funny.

    Synopsis after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #182

    So THAT'S how that one archer foal got her butt symbol!

    Have a whole truckload of news. 

  • Pinkie Pie's Message of the Week

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    Apparently Pinkie Pie's hair straightens out when she is sick too! Crazy pony.

    This week we have Doctor Whooves as a special guest, because you all really like him or something!