• Halloween Banner Contest Post #3

    What a crazy contest.   We got around 125 altogether, which is absolutely insane.  I never expected that!  This community is a creative STORM!

    Due to the volume, we are choosing 35 finalists for a post one hour after this, and will hold an over-night poll to determine which one will be the official Halloween day winner.

    Feel free to pick a favorite out of these and toss it in the comments. Five of them will be added to the final vote.

    For convenience, find the other banners below (If you don't see your banner in the mix, it is probably already in the finals):

    Banner post 1 (40 Banners)
    Banner Post 2 (30 Banners)

    and 24 more after the break!

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    breakin the rulessss

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    10 Source = Dan

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    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here