• Holiday Banner Event

    Due to the popularity of the Halloween banner contest, we are running another one dedicated to the December holiday season, complete with all of its snow, lights, and decorated foliage! 

    This one will work the exact same way as the Halloween one.  Each day, a new festive banner will be tossed up, (Starting whenever we get enough entries to start cycling).  If we receive a large amount of them, we will periodically drop 25 at a time compilation style.

    The Rules: 
    • It needs to be somewhere around 1000x350 in dimensions.  (Preferably exact) 
    • It needs to involve some sort of December holiday (Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/ect.)  
    • It needs to be a transparent .png file (Though a full banner is fine too sometimes, examples after the break!)
    • It needs to have "Equestria": something.  
    • The banner above should give a good example of all of this 
    • Same EQD rules: No Gore, No Porn (Crucifixion and festive orgies included!)
    How to submit/include:

    When you have everything artified and ready to go (I can make up new words, go away), toss an email to [email protected] with BANNER in the subject line.

    Include a Source Link (Deviant Art/Tumblr/Whatever you want)  and an attachment of your .png banner.  

    Deadlines and Other Information: 

    The deadline will be December 23rd at 11:59 PM PST.  We will chose 20 of the top banners and hold a poll.  The winner will be the official Holiday banner of 2011, and last until New Years!

    For everyone that already sent a banner, you have been added to the event queue!

    I'm including some examples from the Halloween competition after the break, and because they are awesome.  

    (Example of Full Banner!)