• Nightly Roundup #182

    So THAT'S how that one archer foal got her butt symbol!

    Have a whole truckload of news. 

    MLP Dating Sim Alpha Video Preview

    The team behind the MLP Dating sim has released a sneak peak at their alpha version. The beginning of the video is a bit on the saucy side, so viewer discretion is advised.  It is a dating sim after all. Their Rarity voice actor is really impressive though!

    Have some copy paste:
    Hello everypony,

    We at Gentlecolt Collaborations are proud to show you our Alpha for our upcoming visual novel-ish dating sim Love is Magic. This video will show you the art style, writing style, and music style of our game.

    We're currently planning our Beta which we hope to share with everyone as a playable demo around March of next year. So we're absolutely not dead; we've just been relatively quiet and invisible...

    We thank all the donators for their donations as well as testing our game for us. (If you have donated to us before the airing of May The Best Pet Win but have not received a mail from us, please contact us)

    To learn more about our game, or to apply for a position on the team, check out our website


    We also have a facebook page that needs more likes

    We have made four different gameplay videos. Please go to this introduction video where we have linked them all and explained further:

    I guess the upcoming DVD Is taking place in this universe too!

    Latin Winter Wrap Up

    Pinkie Pie is best singer

    Winter Wrap Up Fanwork Exchange

    Have some Copy paste!

    Sign up and full out the form (what you're requesting and what you're willing to do). And when Signups are done, the mods match everyone together. You get and give one thing. Signups go through the 16th of December and all fanworks will be due for posting on the last day of winter, March 19th, 2012.

    Signups are at: http://winter-wrapup.livejournal.com/1414.html

    More info and specifics on the LJ comm. We're trying to make it accessible even to bronies who aren't on LJ a lot. We're using it as a coordination site, but posting to places like devart, ffn, or FIMfiction are totally cool. We've made the requirements pretty attainable and there is a ton of time. We hope it'll be something fun for everyone!

    Twilight Sparkle Invades Sydney Advertising Magazine

    Or at least the horse version of Twilight Sparkle. Have a closeup below!

    It's also included in the animated version on their website!


    Yes, these are all pony related! I'll toss the answers out tomorrow.

    Ponies invade...WINDOWS

    These are the best windows ever, I'm pretty sure you can't beat these windows.

    Ballad of the Brony Compiled into a Single Episode

    Find it here!

    Pegasisters Podcast Episode 7

    Another week, another episode!

    Pony Mindbleach Site

    If you find yourself accidentally seeing something you want to immediately forget, a new site is here to bleach your mind with random cute pony pictures. Hit it up here!

    Find a FU*KING Pet!

    Yaah, they did another...

    Bronyoff Podcast Episode 3

    Yep, another.

    Bronies: and the New Sincerity Documentary

    Ponies taking over THE WORLD!

    Bronies Perth Documentary Thing!

    We have moved on from presentations, to documentaries.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Australian Brony Community

    Apparentiy it's a Forum/Chat/Streaming/Meetups place!


    Minecraft Server

    Connect to: dl-hosting.net:25567

    Desura Brony Group


    Nevada Brony Group Looking for Organizer/More

    Apparently they lost their leadership, and need someone to take over. Hit up the page here.

    Northern Ireland Brony Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Custom Peppermint Sweet
    Commissions for Kitty
    Big Mac Custom
    Gummy Custom
    Dash Shoes
    Plushie Maker Commissions