• Music: One Trick Pony // Replacer - Cerulean Blue // Becoming Popular (Thorinair Remix)

    Dash is kind of like a dog most of the time. I've just

    Yo Cereal, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Cerulean blue is one of the best songs of all time! - Kanye Sethst

    1.) One Trick Pony
    2.) Replacer - Cerulean Blue
    3.) Becoming Popular (Thorinair Remix)

  • Music: Twilight Dusk / Celestia Origins extended battle theme / WolfofSadness's Party Anthem

    Wavehack, Makkon, and AgileDash in this one.  Seems like all the pony musicians are releasing stuff at once! 

    1.) WaveHack - Twilight Dusk
    2.) Celestia Origins extended battle theme
    3.) AgileDash - WolfofSadness's Party Anthem

  • Flash: Flutterline / Celestia Found a Veyron

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    One of my friends brought Redline over a few weeks ago.  I forgot how completely off the wall anime can get sometimes.   This is the pony version.

    And just in case that isn't enough ponies with vehicles for you, have some Celestia below. 

    Click for Flash
  • PMV: The Analog Foal / Mr. Fancy Pants / Don't Lose Hope

    We have two normal PMV's, and the third that I wasn't really sure how to categorize, but I guess this kind of fits!

    1.) The Analog Foal
    2.) Mr. Fancy Pants
    3.) Don't Lose Hope (Friendship Resurrection)


    The creator behind Apple.mov has created yet another full 4 minute pony animation.  As is the norm, it's NSFW, completely butchers the reputations of the mane cast, and acts like Ren and Stimpy on steroids... In other words, internet generation stuff!

    Check it out after the break!

  • Story: Hiatus (Update Sequel!)


    Description: After a thousand years, Luna finds herself finally freed from the form of Night Mare Moon - the ordeal has left her weakened, though, and she is ordered to spend the next year regaining her strength and getting herself up to speed on what has transpired during her thousand-year absence. Finding ways to spend that time? That... might be troublesome.


    Additional Tags: Luna, Celestia, Absence, Daily Life

    [Slice of Life]
    Description: A sequel to 'Hiatus' - Spurred on by her sister, Luna decides to open a summer camp dedicated to the arts and sciences in an attempt to become further involved with the daily lives of Equestria's citizens, hopefully improving her reputation in the process. The campers that sign up prove to be more than what the Princess of the Night was expecting, however. 'Camp Counselor' certainly wasn't supposed to be part of the royal duties.
    Stuck In The Middle With You (New!)

    Additional Tags: Summer camp, friendship, Luna, Mane 6

  • Story: My Little Hangover (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] [Comedy] [Crossover] [Adventure] "This... is freaking beautiful. This right here? This is how you do a crossover."-Pre-Reader with a WoW dragon name.

    Author: Mousetrap
    Description: It's Twilight Sparkle's 18th birthday, and in time-honored pony tradition her friends have dragged her to Las Haygas, the world-renowned City of Lights. They promise to give her a night she'll never forget. And with the lights, the glamor, and a few shots of Liquid Rainboom, it seems they're poised to deliver just that.

    But when Twilight wakes up to a destroyed hotel room, a hangover so painful it leaves her unable to do magic, a missing pony, and a slew of unanswered questions, she is forced to wonder: did they party too hard? Now, the five ponies must clean up their mess by piecing together a night that none of them can remember, all the while searching for a friend that could already be halfway across the desert...

    It's a lesson they'll have to learn the hard way. Some ponies just can't handle Haygas.
    My Little Hangover Part 1

    My Little Hangover Part 2
    My Little Hangover Part 3
    My Little Hangover Part 4
    My Little Hangover Part 5
    My Little Hangover Part 6
    My Little Hangover Part 7
    My Little Hangover Part 8
    My Little Hangover Part 9 (New!)
    My Little Hangover Part 10 (New!)
    My Little Hangover Part 11 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Hangover crossover, drunk ponies in Vegas
  • Story Updates December 7th (Evening)

    Why is the internet so full of entertainment? Steam sales filling up my list of stuff to play, a whole list of fics I want to read, it's too much!

    Have some story updates.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #268

    So what would you do in this situation?

    Have some art while you think about it!

    Source 1

  • Pinkie Pie Singing Voice Actor Confirms Christmas Song

    Over on her Twitter Page, Shannon Chan-Kent recently threw this tweet up.  I'm sure its not too surprising, but it looks like we have a Holiday/Christmas song on the horizon.  

    Can it top Winter Wrap Up?! Judging by what we have seen so far this season, I have a feeling it will!

    Check out her page here!

    Thanks to Tanner for the heads up! 
  • CBC Radio Pony Report

    The Q radio show on CBC in Canada recently did a short report on our little phenomenon here.  On top of interviewing someone from Wired, they also asked me a few questions.  Overall it does a good job of keeping things neutral, and staying informative, and avoiding the bias we usually see in these. 

    If you want to listen in on it, check it out here!
  • Comic: Opal's Revenge / An Apple Family Christmas Story

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    Rarity sure did get away with a lot in the last episode.  It was almost refreshing.  You always expect the character in a show to have the world crash down on them after setting up a massive string of lies like that.  I'm glad she got away with most of it! Opal isn't though...

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  • Story: The Running of Lyra

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Author: Lurks-no-More
    Description: The autumn is coming, and our favorite bipedal unicorn, Lyra, is preparing for the big event of the season - the Running of the Leaves! But how is Bon-Bon going to take it? And can Lyra's body take the bipedal cross-country race? Only one way to find out!

    The Running of Lyra

    Additional Tags: Running the race, Lyra style
  • Music: More Becoming Popular Remixes /

    We have two more remixes of Becoming Popular, and a really neat MLP Theme/Doctor Whoof mashup this time around.  Check them out below!

    1.) Becoming Popular (Archie.V Remix)
    2.) Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) vs. Till The World Ends
    3.) Pony Symphonic Poem - A Doctor in Ponyville

  • Story: Forever! (Update Story 3!)

    [Crossover] [Random] [Comedy]

    Author: Chengar Qordath
    Description: Pinkie Pie randomly shows up at the apartment of one Harry Dresden, Wizard-for-hire. And then she does ... whatever it is that Pinkie Pie always does.

    My Little Denarians
    Dresden Gets Schooled (New!)

    Additional Tags: Stop Breaking the Fourth Wall Pinkie, Stop Ignoring Physics Pinkie, Stop Violating the Space-Time Continuum Pinkie, Stop Hurting my Brain Pinkie, Pinkie Pie is so Random


    Dramatic Reading

    Part 1
    Part 2
  • Comic: Dragonshy: Enter the DOVahNeiGH (Update Part 2!)

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    I guess we are rollin with updates on this one.  You have probably already seen the above page, but the new second one can be found below. 

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  • Story Updates December 7th (Morning)

    I reeeealy need to find some time to read this one.  That premise sounds awesome. 

    Have some stories!
  • Nightly Roundup #179

    So, a bunch of people from ponychan compiled their characters/avatars/oc ponies into a massive image, and this is what they ended up with.  178 people contributed to the pile.  So many colors. 

    Have some news!
  • Poll Results: Favorite Equestrian City

    I got a few emails on this one asking where Fillydelphia was.  This poll was strictly for cities that have been shown in the series so far.  Hopefully we will see it in the future, but for now, these are the only visible ones. 

    I admit, I voted for Cloudsdale.  Ponyville may be where the mane cast hang out, but come on... cloud city, with cloud factories...  You can't beat that!

    Next poll: Favorite Male Pony.  Charge!