• Nightly Roundup #179

    So, a bunch of people from ponychan compiled their characters/avatars/oc ponies into a massive image, and this is what they ended up with.  178 people contributed to the pile.  So many colors. 

    Have some news!

    Rarity is Fabulous for 13 minutes

    Yay Rarity. We might need to hide this one from Cereal though!

    DOVASHY in Skyrim

    Downloadable here!

    Twitter Art Raffle

    Someone on twitter is doing a raffle for free art!  Just toss an @relaxammal with a random number between 1-100

    Group Sing Project: "Find A Pet"

    Have some copy paste:

    Dear Bronies of the World,
    After my moderate success with the Brony group sing of the Owl City parody “Fluttershys” featured in Nightly Roundup 153 I have joined forces with the awesome ToasterRepairPony. Together we want YOUR voices to help us sing “Find a Pet” from “May the Best Pet Win!”

    Submissions are non-discriminatory, that is, if the audio quality is good enough (static/BG noise, not the quality of your singing voice), we’ll try to use your submission to the best of our abilities.

    Deadline for submissions is January 6, 2012.
    -Bpendragon, The Eternal Optimist

    Important Links:
    More information and discussion: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/collab/res/28244.html
    Bpendragon’s Emails (both are checked daily):

    ToasterRepairPony’s Email: [email protected]

    Collective Intelligence and Equestria Daily Presentation

    Monica created this crazy presentation thing for her class.

    It's kind of short, but has some interesting information buried in there. Check it out here!

    Why You Should Watch MLP:FIM, The Video

    So many slackers need to get to watching it already!

    Filly Synchtube Banner Contest Update

    Have some copy paste:
    Hi EqD email reader! The contest i had posted in the nightly roundup had to be delayed several days because of a real-life emergency. Therefore we're having the judging be on Wednesday December 7th, With the first prize being a 15$ steam game of their choice, and second and third place runner ups will be getting a 5$ game of their own as well. The theme is "ponies enjoying the holidays!" and submissions must have a link to the Filly synchtube channel (www.synchtube.com/r/filly) and be in a 300x1000 format. Any submissions should be sent to [email protected]! Good luck, Winners will be informed via email!

    The Motley Fool on Pony Toys and Our Demographic

    A marketing/Money website recently did a short radio that included a segment about Bronies.  It's not a huge look into any spectacular, but it's kind of funny to hear the poor guy's website getting raided every time he posts about MLP and equates it to little girls.  Check it out here!

    Pinkie Pie Pastry

    Total Overflow sent this one.  It looks delicious actually!  

    Successful Poland Meetup

    Another outside the USA! Seems like these are overtaking us guys!



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Belgian Brony Meetup Update

    Last night I tossed some copy paste out for a Belgian meetup, but they lacked a place to go! Have an email address: [email protected]

    Battlefield 3 Platoon


    Oklahoma Brony Group



    Copy Paste:
    Hello Bronies! Do you love music? Do you love getting together with other bronies? live to far away or can't afford to travel to NY?
    Well, I'm officially introducing BronyStock: A brony convention with live musical performances and appearances by some of the fandom's biggest names.
    I will be releasing names of guests one by one, leading up to the event. There will be things that everypony can enjoy such as: artists, speakers, appearances, music (well obviously), episode watching, custom figures, and plenty more!
    So nows the part where I ask for your help: Whilst we already have the venue set up and plenty of other boring logistical things in the process of being finalized, I want to hear what you ponies want to see at BronyStock whether it be your favorite musician, your favorite artist, Q&A's, cupcakes with hot sauce, whatever! Also if you have any questions, concerns, requests to have a booth at BronyStock, suggestions, or just want to help out with the boring logistical stuff (which really helps me out), then shoot me an email!

    The event is currently set to take place during the summer, in beautiful northern California.

    You can contact me at [email protected]


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Brooches
    Scootaloo Beanie 
    Giant Fluttershy Plushie
    Doctor Whooves Plushie

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here