• Story: Hiatus (Update Sequel!)


    Description: After a thousand years, Luna finds herself finally freed from the form of Night Mare Moon - the ordeal has left her weakened, though, and she is ordered to spend the next year regaining her strength and getting herself up to speed on what has transpired during her thousand-year absence. Finding ways to spend that time? That... might be troublesome.


    Additional Tags: Luna, Celestia, Absence, Daily Life

    [Slice of Life]
    Description: A sequel to 'Hiatus' - Spurred on by her sister, Luna decides to open a summer camp dedicated to the arts and sciences in an attempt to become further involved with the daily lives of Equestria's citizens, hopefully improving her reputation in the process. The campers that sign up prove to be more than what the Princess of the Night was expecting, however. 'Camp Counselor' certainly wasn't supposed to be part of the royal duties.
    Stuck In The Middle With You (New!)

    Additional Tags: Summer camp, friendship, Luna, Mane 6