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    I reeeealy need to find some time to read this one.  That premise sounds awesome. 

    Have some stories!

    Story: Tales of the Winter Magic Academy (Update Part 10!) 

    6 Star in 10 seconds flat!

    [Adventure][Slice of Life]

    Author: Storytayler
    Description: Twilight and eight fellow unicorns from Ponyville enroll at Princess Luna's revived school for advanced magic studies. Best known as the Winter Magic Academy, the establishment is located on an ancient island of mysterious history since Luna's banishment over 1000 years ago. While the ponies think they're in for simply a semester of intensive magic studies, they will encounter much more than they initially expect through personal struggles and mysterious misadventures.
    Tales of the Winter Magic Academy

    Story: Swordpony (Update Part 3!) 

    Star 4 


    Author: Wisdom Thumbs
    Description: As Master Swordpony to the Princesses, Red Pommel is entrusted with the delivery of a Royal Dictum to the Griffin Kingdoms. But when he takes a shortcut through Shetland against Celestia's advice, he quickly finds himself in a fight for his life...

    Can Pommel make it to the Eyrie Mountains, or will the barbaric northland claim yet another victim?

    Story: Abyss, Something Amiss (Update Part 2) 

    4 Star


    [Grimdark] [Normal]

    Author: Vehlek
    Description: Rainbow can choose. Either she's not a pony, and she can accept her treatment, and forget all about her imaginary friends, and restart her real life; or she can celebrate another happy birthday tomorrow with all her best pony friends.
    Abyss, Something Amiss

    Story: Death Note: Equestria (Update Part 11!) 

    4 Star

    [Grimdark] [Crossover]

    (Comments contain spoilers)

    Author: Nine
    Description: Equestria is growing, and magical savant Twilight Sparkle is disgusted by the crime and corruption this change has brought. Her life is changed forever when she discovers the Death Note, a notebook with inexplicable and deadly powers. She uses this book to pass judgement on those she deems unworthy of life, aiming to create a perfect world free of crime. But when the two Princesses put their best pony on the case, a mysterious detective known only as “L”, a psychological game of cat and mouse erupts between the two.
    Death Note: Equestria

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