• Story: Swordpony (Update Part 7!)


    Author: Wisdom Thumbs
    Description: When Red Pommel set out from Everfree Castle on a mission to the Eyries of the Crystal Mountains, he expected songs to be written of his adventures. But when his swashbuckling leads him into trouble, he instead finds himself caught up in a tale of dark forests, dead gods, and gleaming steel.
    Swordpony Prologue
    Swordpony Part 1
    Swordpony Part 2
    Swordpony Part 3
    Swordpony Part 4
    Swordpony Part 5
    Swordpony Part 6
    Swordpony Part 7 (New!)

    Additional Tags: medieval equestria, not skyrim, long, evil deer

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