• Comic: CSI: Ponyville / Fib

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    Every fandom needs a CSI joke, ours just happens to have Rainbow Dash.

    And below, we have some OC Ponies...just because.

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  • Top 10 PMV's of September

    The votes are in! Movie Brony has released the top 10 PMV's of September.  This set is pretty damn impressive.  You guys make some good stuff!

    Check out the list video after the break.


    What would FiM be like if the creators of Ren and Stimpy were at the helm?  I'll let the video after the break explain it. 

  • PMV: Fix You / Twilight's Purpose / First Of The Yea

    More PMV's! I got nothin.

    1.) Fix You - PMV
    2.) Avenue eQuestria: Twilight's Purpose
    3.) First Of The Year (None Like Joshua Rap Remix)

  • Story Updates October 11th

    Lots of stories came in last night, and drawfriend took 2 hours, so have some.

    I don't think I need to include the rules anymore.  A heads up to people submitting story updates though: please send them to Submit@equestriadaily.com.  I'm still getting a bunch over at the Sethisto@gmail.com email, and they tend to get lost.

    Link errors in this post still go to Sethisto@gmail.com

  • Drawfriend Stuff #212

    Holy crap you guys create a lot of art.  Have...46 images.  I'm going to go try to heal the sudden onset of carpel tunnel syndrome.

    Just a reminder for the tumblr artists out there, I technically can't edit out the text box parts, but I'd like to add a ton of that stuff to drawfriends.  If you want them included, toss me the normal image!

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  • Story: Snowfall (Update Story 2 Part 3!)

    [Sad] It's an OC pony, so have some Applejack!

    Author: Golden Dragon
    Description: A mysterious pony with amnesia shows up in Ponyville in the middle of a winter night. Who is he, and why has he come?
    Snowfall Part 1
    Snowfall Part 2
    Snowfall Part 3
    Snowfall Part 4

    Spring Blossom Part 1
    Spring Blossom Part 2
    Spring Blossom Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: OC Pony, Amnesia, Drama
  • Music: Pinkies Parasprite Polka / The Crusaders Go Crusading / The Best Place For Me

    Looks like 8 bit brony is back, with three brand new tracks.  Check them all out after the break!

    1.) Pinkies Parasprite Polka (8-Bit)
    2.) The Crusaders Go Crusading (8-Bit)
    3.) The Best Place For Me (8-Bit)

  • Cereal and Seth Receive Trixies

    And they're awesome.

    A very nice pony named PK (whom you may know as the writer of Antipodes) saw fit to take the raw model data from the spinny Trixie by KP-ShadowSquirrel we posted some time ago and slap it into a 3D printer. He then had them painted by his friend Sirrus, and gave them to us as gifts. Let me repeat that- he has access to a 3D printer. Everypony go mob him with requests.

    Actually, that's exactly what he's asked me to do: ask you guys if you'd like some of these fabulous models. PK has permission from the original creator to sell any of the existing pony models (which includes the mane six and the two alicorns, among others) and he's wondering how much you guys would be willing to pay for them. They would be similar to these (and, of course, there are more pictures behind the break). Let him know in the comments.

    Anyway, be prepared for a lot of Trixie, cause that's what you're getting, whether you like it or not.

  • Comic: And at Last I See the Light / Rainbow's End

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    There sure has been a ton of LyraxBonbon lately.  I wonder if we will see them together at all in the coming weeks of new stuff?

    It took me a while to "get" this next one...   All the Dashiepie sort of corrupted my mind I guess.
  • Music: The Everfree Forest Attacks / Winter Dance Up / Winter Mash Up

    I'm pretty sure Winter Wrap Up has been remixed well over one hundred times at this point. We really need some new stuff to modify!

    1.) The Everfree Forest Attacks
    2.) Winter Dance Up (Winter Wrap Up Remix)
    3.) Winter Mash Up

  • Wallpaper Compilation #18


    Cause this wallpaper folder is huge! I need to pare it down some. So have some wallpapers. Actually a lot of them. Tons, actually. There's like a flankload of wallpapers in this post. You've been warned!

  • Story: Soaring through Fire


    Author: Mixup
    Description: On an uninteresting day, a certain Wonderbolt makes an interesting decision.
    Soaring through Fire

    Additional Tags: First date, Wonderbolts, shipping, light humor
  • Comic: Birth of Equestria

    This is a completely different take on the old "How Equestria was made" trope, including... humans! Yes humans, along with filly-in-a-box Celestia.  It's still in progress, but quite a few pages are already out.  Check them below.  

    Part 0
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
  • Another iOS Theme Surfaces

    More pony themes for your iStuff! This one comes to us from a pony named Weskoid. I'll just copy the email that came with this one, as it is quite more informative than I can be at 1AM in the morning.

    I created a MLP Theme for iDevices and I thought you may like to check it out. Attached to the email are two screenshots of the theme running on my iPod Touch, though it also works with iPhones and iPads. To download the theme, go to your Cydia app and search MLP Theme, it will be the first choice you see. After that click download and apply the theme using Winterboard. Enjoy.
    P.S: If when searching for the theme it doesnt appear please add the "BigBossRepo Source". It should come standard with all iDevices though. Unlike the other themes featured on Equestria Daily, this one can actually be downloaded and will offer updates in the near future. It can be found by searching MLP Theme on Cydia, it will be the first choice.
    Note: Only works on iphone 4 and Ipod touch 4th generation
  • Nightly Roundup #124

    Adorkable Twilight Sparkle in four days! Are you ready for this?

    Have some news.
  • Story: Progress (Update Chapter 27!)

    [Normal] Entire post revamped for simplicity

    Author: Andrew Joshua Talon
    Description: A thousand years is quite the generation gap, so Princess Luna decides she has to get with the times. However, this isn't quite as easy as she thinks it will be...
    Progress (All Links) (New Chapter 28!) 

     (All Side/Fan Stories After the Break!)

  • Music: Heart of the Strings / Discord's Overture / Making Cupcakes - Pinkamina's Revenge

    So much music lately. I completely filled the queue for it yesterday. We have Octavia, Pinkie Pie being creepy as hell, and some discord this time around. 

    1.) Heart of the Strings
    2.) Making Cupcakes - Pinkamina's Revenge
    3.) Discord's Overture