• Cereal and Seth Receive Trixies

    And they're awesome.

    A very nice pony named PK (whom you may know as the writer of Antipodes) saw fit to take the raw model data from the spinny Trixie by KP-ShadowSquirrel we posted some time ago and slap it into a 3D printer. He then had them painted by his friend Sirrus, and gave them to us as gifts. Let me repeat that- he has access to a 3D printer. Everypony go mob him with requests.

    Actually, that's exactly what he's asked me to do: ask you guys if you'd like some of these fabulous models. PK has permission from the original creator to sell any of the existing pony models (which includes the mane six and the two alicorns, among others) and he's wondering how much you guys would be willing to pay for them. They would be similar to these (and, of course, there are more pictures behind the break). Let him know in the comments.

    Anyway, be prepared for a lot of Trixie, cause that's what you're getting, whether you like it or not.

    A close-up of what the texture ended up being.


    Plot development.

    Just look at that smug-flank expression.

    This is the base. Isn't it neat?


    The funny thing is that PK had one of the Trixies painted differently. It was supposed to go to me, but he sent it to Seth by accident. Seth always gets the nice things. >:

    Seth's stolen Trixie below:



    I'm pretty sure PK did this on purpose.

    This pattern is at least 20% cooler.

    Is dat sum emails?

    Trixie cares not for your properly-exposed photographs.

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