• Another iOS Theme Surfaces

    More pony themes for your iStuff! This one comes to us from a pony named Weskoid. I'll just copy the email that came with this one, as it is quite more informative than I can be at 1AM in the morning.

    I created a MLP Theme for iDevices and I thought you may like to check it out. Attached to the email are two screenshots of the theme running on my iPod Touch, though it also works with iPhones and iPads. To download the theme, go to your Cydia app and search MLP Theme, it will be the first choice you see. After that click download and apply the theme using Winterboard. Enjoy.
    P.S: If when searching for the theme it doesnt appear please add the "BigBossRepo Source". It should come standard with all iDevices though. Unlike the other themes featured on Equestria Daily, this one can actually be downloaded and will offer updates in the near future. It can be found by searching MLP Theme on Cydia, it will be the first choice.
    Note: Only works on iphone 4 and Ipod touch 4th generation

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