• Story: Newsworthy (Update Story 5 Part 25!)

    [Normal][Light Shipping]

    Author: Medicshy
    Description: A Journalist is given a major scoop about a certain six ponies at the Grand Galloping Gala. But it seems that these ponies don't like the attention. Will he be able to get his story? Will he be able to go through writing it if he does? And what consequences await the aspiring writer's choice? Whatever the outcome, it is all Newsworthy.
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    Deviant Art
    Newsworthy. Part 1: The Scoop
    Newsworthy. Part 2: The Truth(Part 1/Part 2)
    Newsworthy. Part 3: Corrections
    Newsworthy. Part 4: Rejection
    Newsworthy. Part 5: Digging Deeper
    Newsworthy. Part 6: Consequences
    Newsworthy. Part 7: Revisions (Part 1/Part 2)
    Newsworthy. Part 8: Final Print (Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

    Newsworthy Alternate

    Additional Tags: Long, Journalism, Fight, Flight, Writer

    [Adventure] [Light Shipping] [Crossover] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Medicshy
    Description: It's opening night for Ink Well's musical and he's not sure what to make of all of the attention. Between the gifts and the pampering of the producer, the easygoing pegasus simply doesn't know how to handle all of the attention. But when a mysterious pony saves him from assassination, he finds space is far larger than he ever could have expected, and that time has a nasty way of playing tricks on you.
    Deviant Art
    Source Material. Part 1: Overture
    Source Material. Part 2: Set Change
    Source Material. Part 3: Ship Shape
    Source Material. Part 4: Stowaway
    Source Material. Part 5: A Race of Doors
    Source Material, Part 6: Rude Awakenings (Part 1, Part 2)
    Source Material, Part 7: Smoke Signals
    Source Material, Part 8: Revelations
    Source Material, Part 9:The Finale (Part 1, Part 2)
    Source Material, Epilogue: Curtain Call  

    Source Material

    Additional Tags: long, allies, running, time shenanigans, sequel


    Author: Medicshy
    Description: Ink Well has once more taken up the mantle of investigative journalist, and in the action has caught wind of a string of mysterious disappearances, all pointing him in the direction of Cloudsdale's prestigious Weather Factory, and so he takes it in his own hooves to get to the bottom of it. Are they just rumors? Is there cause in this conspiracy? Can the truth ever fully be known?

    One way or another, Ink Well aims to find out.
    Weather Manifesto. Chapter 1: Preamble
    Weather Manifesto. Chapter 2: Intentions Revealed
    Weather Manifesto. Chapter 3: Dark Times
    Weather Manifesto. Chapter 4: Two Worlds
    Weather Manifesto. Chapter 5: The Fall
    Weather Manifesto. Chapter 6: A New World


    Additional Tags: Weather Factory, Sequel, Secrets and Lies

    Description: Princess Luna has contracted an airship as part of a lengthy political move to gain more power in her sister's court, and she has invited Canterlot's Elite, along with a few other choice ponies, for the maiden voyage. However, once the Darkest Nighttakes flight, mystery and intrigue mar what should have been a pleasant cruise.

    It is up to Ink Well and his wife Rose to discover the truth, or watch as one lie sparks a war between nations.
    Deception on the Darkest Night

    Additional Tags: Mystery, Sequel, Airship, Love and Lies

    Description: Time steadily marches in Equestria, for some more than others, and with it brings change. Relationships between races and nations are strained, the country itself is divided in two, and every day ponies fight and die for their nation.

    This is the story of those left at home, left behind, and living in a world they never dreamed of. Can they cope with what seems to be the end of harmony? Or, when pushed far enough, is it ponies that move nations?

    The final installment of Ink Well's tale. The question is: where is he?
    Where Night Meets Day (New Part 25!)

    Additional Tags: Sequel, Time's March Changes Everything