• 35 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Applejack Day!

    Applejack Day arrives, which means we celebrate farmpone with fanfics! We've got 35 of the best of the best here, different from the list from last year. Hit that up if you need more!

    Now go read up on AJ below, and thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them.


    Slice of Life




    The Giving Mare by Trick Question


    Friendship can take a lot out of you, and for a middle-aged mare with her condition, there's only so much Applejack to go around.

    Fortunately, this particular country mare has an ace in the hole.


    A Helping Hoof by TheLegendaryBillCipher


    One hot summer day, Applejack wakes up to find a familiar Kirin on her doorstep, eager to help with the chores around the farm. But why is she really there?


    I need to hit something by mushroompone


    Rainbow appears at Applejack's in the middle of the night with an odd request.


    In the Garden by Nailah


    Fluttershy asks Applejack to help her with her garden, but the truth is, Fluttershy really wants to learn about Earth Pony magic, and she might also maybe like the earth pony more than she knows.


    Luck and Love by Bandy


    Trapped inside by a freak snowstorm, Applejack discovers a link to her parents hidden at the bottom of a buried chest. Driven by the desire to connect with her mom, her life becomes dominated by the urge to keep digging. Will Rainbow Dash be able to snap her out of it before she digs herself in too deep?


    Relevé by Cillerenda


    Relevé: position in which the dancer rises from any position to on one or both feet on at least demi-pointe, or possibly full pointe

    She's done the simple Rainbooms choreo, the square dancing with her family, the silly free-styles with her friends. But today, Applejack wants to try something a bit different, something she'd never expected to be interested in.

    You would think attending Canterlot High would teach her to expect the unexpected.


    Same Apples, New Tricks by Bookish Delight


    Twilight Sparkle may have shown Starlight Glimmer the error of her ways, but Starlight is still new to the concept of true friendship.

    Fortunately, Twilight has true friends in high places--and none of those friends could be better at providing a down-to-earth perspective than Applejack.


    Scythe by Liquid Truth


    Scything can be hard, especially if you don't have two spare appendages for holding things. And although the Grim Reaper is bipedal, he knows enough about scythes to teach filly Applejack on its proper usage.


    Seedlings In The Frozen Night by Camaleao


    Strawberry Sunrise is facing the worst Hearth's Warming Eve ever. On the cold holiday night, she must find a unicorn to help her with a quite specific spell.

    Applejack, the last pony in Equestria she wants help from, makes an unprompted suggestion: using Earth Pony Magic.


    The Last Wrap Up by Decaf


    Winter Wrap Up was an annual tradition that Rainbow Dash and Applejack participated in every year. Now it will never happen again.









    Spurs and the Ponies That Love Them by GaPJaxie


    Applejack takes some time to reflect, and get in touch with her love of rope and riding crops. Rainbow Dash wishes AJ was less in touch with herself.


    The Tail End Of It by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Applejack bites Rainbow Dash's tail off.


    Applejack Is an Alicorn Now, I Guess? by PresentPerfect


    Look at that picture. Just look at it. Do you have any idea what rollercoaster of emotions that picture put me through? And now here we are.

    Applejack's an alicorn.

    Also she's pink.

    And we're just gonna have to live with that, I guess.

    "...a blatant allegory of the Bay of Pigs..." -Pascoite









    Scoots' Company by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Scootaloo spends an afternoon out with Applejack and Rainbow Dash.


    After the Storm by PearlescenT


    In the wake of a large, wild storm, Rainbow Dash and Applejack talk about weather damage done to the farm, to the barn... and to themselves.


    An Apple Asunder by CoffeeMinion


    When words fail Applejack amid her grief, she turns to Granny Smith for wisdom.

    But the grief in Granny's heart runs deep as well. And the anger that goes with it may run deeper than words or wisdom.


    float by The Red Parade


    Applejack wakes up one day to find that everyone in Ponyville is floating. But she'll fix this. She has to.


    Some Other Time  by Holy


    Applejack's entire life is on Sweet Apple Acres. All her time and energy is devoted into making sure her farm is in the best shape it can be in. Every hour she can spend making her farm and her work better isn't time wasted to her.

    Life isn't all about working, though, and Applejack knows this. She can make time for friends, family, fun, and life later though. She's got plenty of time and it'll all happen eventually, right?


    Thalassophobia by Jade Ring


    For as long as she can remember, Applejack has been deathly afraid of deep water.

    Rarity wants to know why.









    On Different Pages by Ellis Bell


    Applejack is stuck in bed with an injury, and Rainbow Dash has just the thing to help her girlfriend through it: The complete collection of Daring Do books. But this generous act forces Applejack to reveal her dark secret.


    To Touch the Ground by blue harvest


    Applejack and Rainbow Dash share a moment together while apple bucking.


    Amazing Flanks by wishcometrue


    Everyone knows Rarity has amazing flanks; Rainbow Dash is sure of that. So what is Applejack upset about?


    Ferment by Baal Bunny


    With Twilight now reigning over Equestria, her trusty Friendship Council at her side, the world should be settling into an era of peace and prosperity like nothing ever seen before. And yet, Dash is convinced that everything's gone wrong.

    Fortunately, Applejack's there for her.

    Applejack's always there for her.


    Find The Holiday Magic by Flutterpriest


    A simple holiday gift exchange between friends becomes the perfect place for a rather tender moment between Applejack and Adagio.


    Kiss Me by applejackofalltrades


    Applejack finally gets time to herself while her family’s gone on a trip. However, instead of taking the time to relax on her own, she decides to invite Twilight over. After a long time of not seeing each other, they both regret not having spent more time together in the past, and do their best to remedy that.









    After The Storm by applejackofalltrades


    Originally written for a Quills and Sofas Appledash contest, After The Storm follows Applejack and Rainbow Dash’s relationship as they disagree on how to help Sweet Apple Acres after a natural disaster hits.


    Great Party by The Red Parade


    After a rough couple of days, Rainbow Dash decides (read: is forced) to take some time off and clear her head. Applejack throws her a party to celebrate.


    Only One Way to Know by ph00tbag


    On the eve of Applejack's one hundred and eighty-second birthday, an old friend drops by uninvited to pick her brain about what happens when a pony dies.


    The Haunting of Carousel Boutique by mushroompone


    Rarity has been keeping to herself lately.

    Applejack is determined to find out why.


    Where the Love-Light Gleams by Petrichord


    Life can be tough when work takes you far, far away. It can be harder when ponies you care about don't get the chance to stay in touch, even when they try to—and even when they have good reasons for not being able to write back.

    But finally, Applejack's getting an explanation. Finally, she's getting the truth straight from the horse's mouth, as it were.

    Even if the truth hurts.









    Come Hell or High Water by Shaslan and The Red Parade


    Autumn Blaze is thrilled when she receives a parcel from her best (and only) friend, Applejack. But when she sees the cutie marks of Applejack's parents emblazoned on the bottles within, a memory is triggered. A memory Autumn wishes that she could forget...


    Aeroponics by MagnetBolt


    Rainbow Dash isn't much of a farmer, even if she is dating one. But when she gets a letter from a pegasus farmer begging for help with her unusual farm, she and Applejack are going to find themselves in over their heads when the problem is even bigger than they could have imagined.


    Going Home by Baal Bunny


    At this year's Ponyville Fun and Frolic Festival, Flim and Flam have a booth on the midway offering "a unique competitive opportunity." Applejack wants nothing to do with it. Rainbow wants everything to do with it.


    Our Weary Daughter, Rest by HoofBitingActionOverload


    Applejack travels alone down an old, dusty, well traveled road. The end of her long journey is near. Soon, she will finally be able to lie down and rest with her friends and family. She only needs to climb one final hill, so long as she can find the strength to reach its top.

    But she just feels so tired.


    The Price of Citizenship by Colgate is best pony


    Applejack had always dreamed of serving the Princesses and earning her citizenship- even if that desire required her enlistment in the Equestrian Military. When her friends put pen to paper on their own enlistment orders, her future was made even more clear.

    Unfortunately for Applejack, nothing is as simple as it seems, and as Equestria is plunged into an interstellar war against a merciless foe, she will see just how far one needs to be willing to go in order to save everything they know and love.