• Care for Some Apples? - AJ Day Begins!


    My Little Pony Applejack Day Author Calpain

    The Appreciation Day that started it all is finally here once again! As Fall kicks off in earnest it's time to celebrate the apple harvest season and who better to celebrate that with than good old Applejack? Back when I started these days it was meant to counter a lot of meanspirited background pony jokes that were running rampant at the time. I'm glad to see several years on that AJ gets the love she, and all of our ponies, deserve.

    As always with our appreciation days, you can expect a number of themed posts throughout the day. If you need to send in any AJ related material still, send them by 12pm PST to submit@equestriadaily.com with AJ Day in the subject line followed by what you are sending in.

    Example: AJ Day Comics

    We hope you all enjoy the day and give our little apple horse some love.

    Twitter: Calpain