• There Was a Point Where Sprout's Giant Death Robot Looked Like His Mom

    Sprout has mommy issues, or something. Apparently it went further than what we saw in the movie though in early concepts of his giant death robot. Apparently an early version looked just like his mom, Phyllis! Is he trying to tell people something?

    We also have a new cliff shot, which you can find below, along with another picture of the more modern Sprout Robot in concept form.

    Pablo on Insta


    Some sketches for the Trojan pony! Early on in the script, the machine was in the shape of Phyllis as you can see in the second page. The final design was

    Alvaro on Linkedin


    More MLP stuff! This is one of my first approaches to the cliffs in Maretime Bay :) Trying to make it a nice place where you would want to be :)

    Thanks to Pipp for the heads up.