• 31 Great Fanfics to Read for Applejack Day!


    That one time she discovered fanfiction. 

    We've got a ton of awesome stories for Applejack Day! If your favorite isn't here, it was probably posted in a previous year. Check those posts out for more. 

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    Slice of Life




    Applejack Uprooted by Mitch H


    Applejack's tour of duty didn't work out like she expected; maybe if she'd been able to keep her dang mouth shut... oh, well. She hadn't decided if she really wanted to make a career out of the military, but her superiors made it pretty doggone clear they didn't care for the idea, so that was that. But everytime Harmony closes a door, it opens a window. And maybe she's been sent exactly where she's always needed to be.

    However cat-infested it was at the moment.


    Chompers by SpaceCommie


    Granny Smith insists that Applejack has to go to the dentist.

    But she doesn't have to like it.

    At all.


    A Carrot Christmas Carol by DrakeyC


    With Hearth's Warming approaching, Applejack takes a moment to chat up a fellow vendor at the Ponyville market, and find what she thinks is a pony in need of a friend. But the holidays mean different things for different ponies, and some don't necessarily celebrate Hearth's Warming as Applejack does.

    But it may be that there's still a way she can brighten up their holidays.


    Applejack Learns To Rock Smash by BleedingRaindrops


    When Pinkie Pie seems troubled by her inability to pulverize boulders into dust, Applejack suggests a visit to the Pie Family farm to learn from the best. She tags along, of course. After all, she's always wanted to learn.


    Sketchwork by Casketbase77


    Fierce foalhood bullying taught Applejack to keep a certain hobby of hers to herself. Years of holding it in has made her a bit skittish, but like every pony with a secret, it was only matter of time until she got caught.


    All Wrapped Up by TomaTanuki


    Applejack and Twilight have a heart-to-heart after Winter Wrap-Up.


    Applejack Digs a Hole by Grimm


    Applejack digs a hole.









    "Ewww, Granny!" by TheVClaw


    One night at Sweet Apple Acres, Apple Bloom hears strange noises in the house, and wakes up her sister for help. Because of that, Applejack and the family find out that Granny Smith isn't alone in her bedroom. Apparently, the mare found herself a special somepony; however, that pony isn't anyone that they would've ever expected.


    I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. by Tumbleweed


    Rarity's decided to break up with Applejack, but were they even an item in the first place? And, perhaps more importantly, what does Applejack have to say about it?

    Hijinks, of course, will ensue.









    Chocolate Covered Grapes by Callisto


    After an incident between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the two are finding it hard to communicate with each other. However, when a friend suggests a pilgrimage to help Applejack settle her feelings over memories of the past, Rainbow Dash and Applejack find that they may have to redefine their friendship.


    Never a Rainbow by NorsePony


    Time twists and loops, and it does not always play out again as it did before. In this eddy of time, one rainbow-maned pegasus has been cut out of the loop before she ever existed.


    I'm Digging a Hole by Strawberry Sunrise


    Applejack digs a hole.


    Silverponies by Scribblestick


    Legend tells of an ancient race

    That hides in shadows with changing face

    Stealing ponies who wander away

    Until revealed by light of day


    Paper Boats by Enter Madness


    Sometimes, our lives are like paper boats floating on the water. But as Applejack finds out, a boat can only take on so much water before it starts to sink.


    Tender Loving Care by TCC56


    Applejack is a growing filly - and young fillies need their space. That's why Bright Mac decided to build a treehouse in the back of the property for his daughter, so she and her friends could play with a little bit of privacy.

    Fate says he won't be the one to finish it.


    For The First Snow by Velkan Nobody


    She cries in her sleep.

    Her nightmares are music to my ears.


    The Pit by ugugg93


    A freak accident leaves Applejack and Rarity trapped under a rock slide. Both will be changed forever, but in different ways.


    Don't Open the Door by Grimm


    After an expedition into the Everfree Forest ends in disaster, Applejack and Rainbow Dash take refuge in an abandoned cabin until morning.

    This is probably a poor decision, but it's only one night, after all. How bad could it be?









    The Clarity of Darkness by Trick Question


    Applejack and Twilight Sparkle are on a mission in the deep sky, far from the comforting ground of Equestria, when disaster strikes. Together the two ponies fall into something from which there is no escape.

    On an unrelated note, this story features a black hole.


    Self Help by Tyro


    Applejack and Rainbow are summoned by the Cutie Map to solve another friendship problem. But to their surprise, the problem lies on the other side of the portal to the human world.

    Now, finding themselves as funny looking, two-legged, small-nosed, mostly hairless monkey people, the two are faced with some important questions:

    Can they survive life in this brave new world? Will they discover what the friendship problem is? How long will they be stuck here? And just why do their human counterparts seem to not be getting along?


    Sky Blue Mind by Wolfkin


    When you're dating someone, you should at least try their hobbies. You never know, you might like it! Applejack agrees to a weekend excursion with her girlfriend.


    Practice Like Its Real by LateToTheParty


    Rarity needs help and Applejack volunteers to help. Simple, so what's up with Rarity's weird reluctance?

    It's not like it's real.


    Candy Hearts by Stargazer129


    It's Valentine's Day at Canterlot High. Everyone is with their significant other, enjoying the day and their company.

    Everyone except Twilight Sparkle.

    But ever since transferring to Canterlot High, her bespectacled magenta eyes have been lured towards one of her new friends to which she has grown close to. A longing in her heart has always been there since the day she saw her. She wants to tell her the feelings she has hidden away for the past few months.

    On the most romantic day of the year, can Twilight finally tell her crush how she truly feels and join the blissful feelings associated with the holiday? And what's with the candy hearts appearing wherever she goes?


    Do You, Now? by blue harvest


    Applejack stumbles upon Rainbow Dash while she's fitting a wedding dress for Rarity.









    hearts, deep in their hiding places, by Nines


    Applejack thrives on being busy. People need her, and she cannot afford to fall apart. Her feelings are not the priority—she doesn't want them to be.

    But when an old love comes calling, Applejack finds herself on the precipice of finally saying what she's always wanted to say...

    And hearing what she never wanted to hear.


    Belle and Cortland by garatheauthor


    When the dusters wiped out Applejack's orchard and the economic collapse, Rarity's business, bank robbing started to look like a pretty appealing career choice.

    Neither really thought they'd become the greatest crime duo in history, however.


    Perchance to Dream by Ether Echoes


    We all dream of beautiful lives.

    Shady Blossom need no longer dream; she has everything she ever wanted. Stepmother to Babs Seed and her sister, mother of two foals of her own, aunt to Applejack and Apple Bloom. Her life in Manehattan is all she could have wished for.

    When Applejack and the Cutie Mark Crusaders come visit to open up the Manehattan Branch of their club, however, it turns out that the past is not so easily forgotten.

    Sometimes, the things that haunt us just won't stay buried.









    A Door Jam by xjuggernaughtx


    Twilight and Applejack get more than they bargained for when they agree to get Pinkie Pie out of Sugarcube Corner for the day. Pinkie's sudden obsession with the bakery's back door leads to an improbable adventure that sweeps Fluttershy up in its wake.


    The One Week Year by HapHazred


    Wheatland farms: the greatest source of food in Equestria. The ponies of Fillydelphia rely on it for bread, bakery products, and hay.

    When a freak wildfire takes out an entire season's worth of crops, things are dire. The ponies of Fillydelphia are facing starvation.

    Applejack hatches a daring plan. Accelerate the weather around her orchard, rushing through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and reap another harvest in time before Fillydelphia's stocks run out. There's just one problem: all she has is a week.

    For this to work, she needs a pegasus. Specifically, she needs a pegasus as nuts as her...


    Tilt by Passport-Clean


    Applejack is hell-bent on beating the high score on ‘Sea Pony Symphony’, her favorite pinball machine. Unfortunately the game has a dangerous twist in store for her. Will an unlikely retired pinball wizard be able to save her from a musical fate that is truly worse than death?


    The Advent of Applejack by Mister Friendly


    Over half a year has passed since the changeling attack on Ponyville, and Applejack would like to think things have finally settled down. Much has changed for the young changeling, and all of Equestria in kind. The new district in Ponyville proves that, along with the town's many new residents.

    But there is much the young queen does not yet know about being a changeling. Some things, she will learn, can be chosen, while others will be chosen for her. With new allies and enemies emerging all around her, Applejack must discover what it truly means to rule before the choice is taken from her forever, and the history of the changelings repeats itself, once again...