• Applejack Day Discussion: Episode Ideas, Character Development and More!


    Since the beginning of the show, AJ has been the one that had her life mostly put together. She had the farm and she had her family and whenever drama usually turned up it was caused by her friends, AJ serving as the straight mare to their craziness. Not to say she was without her flaws as she can be stubborn and prideful, but she wasn't the type to pull out a fainting couch quite literally.

    Sadly this can make a character fade into the background as their normal behavior is often overshadowed by their friend's more eccentric behavior. Still, AJ has been a steady constant, a great foil against the insanity that can happen from episode to episode and a great second in command when Twilight is indisposed.

    So what do you think of our little apple horse? What did you like about her during the show's run and what would you have changed? What episodes would have liked to see her in if you had the chance to write a script?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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