• Event Reminder: Pumpkin Event and Finale Open Art!

    This is your halfway point reminder on two events we currently have going on right now!

    Pony Pumpkin Event 2019

    The annual Pumpkin event is still open and accepting entries all the way until the 30th of this month for a post on Halloween! Even if you are terrible at carving, give it a shot! Info over here.

    Submit your pumpkin here

    Happy 9th Anniversary Open Art Event!

    If you have pencil and a napkin, you can enter this one. Draw a pony celebrating the 9th anniversay!

    Submit over here. 

    We will also be doing a letters style event for anyone that wants to tell their story on how pony has impacted them over the last decade. Expect that post to go up later as it's finalized.