• Happy 9th Anniversary Friendship is Magic! - Draw a Pony Celebrating Open Art Event!

    Another year has come and gone since this show was first released way back on October 10 of 2010. Friendship is Magic is a whopping nine years old now, a milestone that most animated TV can only dream of ever hoping to achieve. Clearly they did something right!

    While we are heading toward the end (at least on the episodic front) this week with the series finale less than 5 days away, the friendships and fandom will last long into the future. Few things make as much of an impact as the fourth generation of My Little Pony did, and I know I'm probably not the only one that will be celebrating these colorful equines well past the finale.

    We can talk about that after it actually airs though, lets make this one an Open Art Event! Your mission is to draw a pony celebrating the anniversary. It can be your OC, it can be the entire mane 6, it can be your favorite character. Anything goes. As always, all skill levels are welcome.

    Send the submssion to Submit@equestriadaily.com with OPEN ART - CELEBRATION as the subject and a Deviant Art, Twitter, etc link to the piece in the body.

    Submissions will close on the 17th at 11:59 PM PST, so you have one week!

    Now go! Make some art. Give back to these pones that have made your lives so much more fun.