• TrotCon Announces Clair Corlette for 2020

    TrotCon continues to ramp up their guest announcements, with Claire Corlette joining the club for 2020.

    Head on down below for the presser if you want to meet up with her!

    TrotCon Announces Claire Corlett for 2020

    It's not even been two weeks since our last guest announcement for TrotCon 2020, but we're just too excited to wait any longer.
    Guess what? Claire Corlett's coming to TrotCon!
    For the very first time in our nine-year history, we'll have the voice of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's Sweetie Belle gracing the TrotCon halls here in good ol' Columbus, Ohio. She'll also be our first core Cutie Mark Crusader to visit (though Brynna Drummond, the voice of Babs Seed, stopped by a few years back).
    In addition to her work on MLP, you might also be familiar with Claire via the TV series Dinosaur Train (Tiny), Bob the Builder (Dizzy) and 3-2-1 Penguins! (Michelle), among other titles.
    She'll be on hand at TrotCon 2020 to sit in on some panels, sign autographs and maybe pop up here and there elsewhere -- who knows?! Still lots to plan; TrotCon's not for another nine-ish months, after all.
    Claire's our first voice actor to join the TrotCon 2020 VIP guest list and the second from the show's staff past and present, following M.A. Larson, who we announced nearly two weeks ago.
    Wanna come hang with both of them (plus more still to be announced)? Good, that's what we like to hear. We've got $45 badges, which last you the full weekend (Friday-Sunday), through Feb. 1, at which point the price will bump up to $55.