• EverfreeNW Launches New Website!

    EverfreeNW is already looking forward to 2020 and have launched a new website they hope to expand on over the months to come as they prepare for next year's big event!

    Find out what's new, what's changing and what to expect in the future after the break.

    It’s that time of year again everypony! After you finish running down the leaves, be sure to trot on over to https://everfreenw.com where you will find the live new site for Everfree Northwest 2020! More and more content will of course be added as we get closer to August of next year, but right now you can already book your room, secure your badge (including Sponsor+ level!), and check out information about the two guests we have already announced – Nicole Oliver and Tabitha St. Germain.

    Along with the website launch also comes our new theme. With the end of Generation 4 upon us, we’d like to take the opportunity to make EFNW 2020 all about “Celebrating our Past, Embracing our Future.” After all, My Little Pony didn’t start with Friendship is Magic, it won’t end with it either, and neither will our fandom! This community has come a long way. From humble beginnings, we've toughed it out and lasted for ten years! The ride doesn't end here. We're very excited for what comes next, and we hope you join us as we reflect on our past look forward to a bright future. You will of course see our theme shining through in the colorful design of our new website, and rest assured there will be even more to see when you visit us at our new location in Bellevue next August!

    Twitter: Calpain