• PSA: Another Friendship is Magic Leak - EVERYTHING Released Including Scripts, Unreleased Episodes, Alternate Songs, Animatics, and More

    The same leaker that dropped the huge amount of Friendship is Magic information a few years ago went ahead and released... everything. Stuff from way back in 2009 before My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was even a finalized title has been dumped in a massive archive.

    This stuff is already flooding everywhere. Considering the show ends in a few days, it isn't going to spoil anything, so I'm not going to sit here and tell you all not to talk about it. Obviously sharing any assets of upcoming stuff isn't allowed here, and will most likely ring some legal bells if you spread them, but the information contained within is already everywhere anyway.

    Some of the stuff already popping up on Twitter, 4chan, Youtube, and Facebook include:

    • Animatics for different scenes in all the episodes
    • Early scripts, revised scripts, final scripts for all the episodes
    • Unreleased episode ideas 
    • Cut things from the episodes and full on lists of revisions and requests
    • Early animation tests from 2009 
    • Unreleased episode pitches 
    • Concept Art 
    • Unreleased song demos

    As far as I have run into in both the submit box and various social media platforms, there isn't anything about the future of pony included. I think the most important thing to hopefully avoid is the inevitable spread of false information, as there are already fake synopsis and fake deleted scenes popping up.

    The leakiest show in existence continues to live up to it's reputation. At this point, it's not even surprising anymore.