• How Has My Little Pony Impacted Your Life? - Send Your Story In!

    For nine years we've had this awesome cartoon to go to through the good times and bad. It has been such a huge pillar of support for a lot of people out there.

    I recently saw a video from Ashley H and I know she's not the only one that was affected so heavily by the show.  Lets turn this concept into an event shall we? With how much negative the world has out there these days, it's good to surround yourself with some positive sometimes.

    I'm opening the submit box to your stories. How has My Little Pony impacted your life? What changed for the better once you started watching the show and interacting with the fanbase?

    Send it to submit@equestriadaily.com with the text pasted right into the email with the title I'll will compile them all up for one big compilation on the 20h of October. So you have a week! Try to stick to this format:

    How My Little Pony Impacted Me! 

    Bats and Kirins and Trixie and Somnambula and Lyra and Bonbon and Cloudchaser and...

     You get the idea. Title and Letter!

     Now go. Make your story known!