• EQD is Recruiting New Writers To Help Celebrate the Series!

    A few years ago we did an open recruitment for editorial writers and got some awesome new people to hop on board and show you all their journalistic skills. As with most online fan blogs though, real life comes first and many have had to shift focus to other things. There is a lot to celebrate about Friendship is Magic though, so we want to absorb some new help.

    If you'd like to volunteer and spam people with pony opinions in the process, now is the time to apply! We are primarily looking for people interested in digging into the last 9 seasons and extracting the best moments. Be that via top 10 lists or straight up analysis.

    As with all volunteer positions on the site, there won't be any kind of strict workload. Most here write one or two a month. We mostly care about quality anyway, so we'd rather have a few great ones than tons of rushed ones.

    To apply, fire off an email to submit@equestriadaily.com with EDITORIAL WRITER as the subject.  Include examples of your writing work, or just create an example. Our most recent addition, Penny Wrights, actually submit her Coinky Dink World followup if you want an idea.