• Equestria Girls Music Video Follow Up: Coinky Dink World

    Good day to you all my little creatures. Penny Wrights here with a mini series mini follow-up of one of my favorite music videos by our bundle of pink personality. I’ll say this. I’m a sucker for something this upbeat and happy. And I grew up at the time of the Grease movies so…major bonus points. What takes place is a story of shy love and a crazy meddling waitress to get the party started while she should be working. Join me after the break for a little analysis of a video that lasts only about 2 minutes to honor best wing man on Pinkie Pie Day.

    Can I say how much I love these moments of “Spot the Difference” with the Mane 6 and Humane 6? They need to make the parallels between dimensions known, so when you have differences like this with Pinkie Pie, it makes the Humane 6 less copy and paste. Some parallels are understandable like Rarity working at a boutique and Twilight working for Best Buy (note: not sponsored by Best Buy, but wouldn’t mind it at all). Applejack has her family's farm along with working at a juice bar, which is kind of messed up since this might prove Granny doesn't give an allowance for all her hard work. In the pony world, Pinkie works at a bakery, which isn’t such an odd or magical job to have in the human world. She’s not changing the weather like Rainbow Dash or calming down three headed dogs like Fluttershy. They could’ve had Pinkie working at a human version of Sugarcube Corner, but a 50’s style diner with waitresses on roller-skates straight out of Happy Days. Yeah, for a teenager like Pinkie Pie, it just works so well.

    They always have to have the homages to the shippers in the fandom. You have the traditional Lyra and Bon Bon along with not so new addition Curly Wind and Wiz Kid. Friendly lunch or not so secret double date? And if you need any more evidence, one of these drinks has 2 straws. My guess is that it belongs to the couple with one character gazing longingly at their lover. Speaking of shipping fuel…

    Ah yes. You gotta love the spark of romance the moment you bump into someone randomly. In EG, it seems to never get old. Right, Twilight?

    Anyway, you got red head bookworm named Alizari Bubblegum (yeah I have no idea where that name came from. Means Madder root. Google at your own rick of confusion) and Celery Stalk. Ok his name just sounds like an insult, but it’s not the worst name to be made.

    After 9 seasons, 4 EG movies, several EG specials, theatrical movie release, and music videos, I think I’ve long lost count of how many times Pinkie’s faces have caused nightmares. This could’ve been in an anime with her as a yandere character with how strong she's smiling. But at least we know Pinkie is just as big a shipper as the rest of the fandom.

    Aww. How can I even stay mad or scared at that face? Maybe it helps when you have two equally adorable back up dancers. We got Doo Wop on the left and Sunny Sugarsocks and if you try to ask me which I like better, then your cruelty knows no bounds.

    First idea: get the obvious shy anti-social book kids to dance.

    Idea denied

    Next idea: Steal flowers from an old couple’s table to get girl to notice guy.

    Note to self: sneezing on someone you like doesn’t usually work out.

    JAZZ HANDS! Yeah I have nothing really snarky to say here. This is just adorable.

    I’d like to think the chef probably did Pinkie’s interview and thought she would be a lively addition to a hip 50’s diner. This face reads about 30% of regret for that decision. But on the bright side, that burger looks delicious...even if it doesn't get to its designated table due to Pinkie doing the monkey.

    Ok Pinkie, let’s give it one more shot with some super hyper sweetness found in a giant ice cream sundae. I wish all relationships can start with a love for ice cream. Maybe I would’ve been married sooner if I liked anything more than mint chocolate chip.

    “Oh sh(yay!). My sprinkles cause mass explosions!”

    And it was in that moment, Pinkie realized she has made a terrible mistake. This also makes me concerned for Pinkie’s powers in a food sense. Sprinkles is just sugar, corn starch and artificial flavors. Not too original for ingredients. It could explain why she can’t work at a bakery. There’s only a few desserts at a diner, but in a bakery it would be a nightmare to clean up every time you sprinkled a doughnut.

    Thankfully for our timid teens topped with tastiness (wow how does Pinkie make alteration look easy?), they have found their relations with relativity. Or some form of science involving Einstein. I’m pretty sure Sci-Twi has several copies of this book so no point in shipping her with either of these two anyway.

    Aww. Even the cook is getting involved with some of the fun. Guess he likes happy ending shipping just as much as the rest of us. Or maybe he knows that couple is gonna order more food and maybe leave a good tip for their matchmaking waitress.

    See, you can make a relationship off of just something you have in common with someone else. Ok that’s as cynical as I’ll go.
    This was just a cute fun music video talking about how coincidences can start something new. Better love story than most love stories so I can’t help but love the shipping. I wonder which shipping Pinkie would go with. Appledash or Rarijack? That’s all for this analysis. Stay tuned while I see if having the same taste in junk food will get someone to marry me.