• Eternal Tracks! Top-Notch Quality All Around!

    In case you haven't heard, the mega compilation album Ponies at Dawn Eternal is out! And what we call the "P@D Rush" internally at Horse Music Herald is now happening: a bunch of YouTube releases of songs from the album happening all at once! Can't give solo posts to them all, so you will find in these "Eternal Tracks" posts the remaining of the tracks that didn't get solo posts but that are still very much worth sharing. In this post, find some Vinyl Scratch-themed music courtesy of John Kenza, another incredible musical experience from Radiarc with a deep concept around villains, an Epic Orchestral/Metal progressive masterpiece like we love to hear from Frozen Night, and EDM greatness from various awesome musicians!

    John Kenza - Nightlife

    GrazySmash - Pyramid

    Radiarc - The Void Undying

    MrMehster & GrazySmash - Shanti

    Redhose vs Pegasas - Under The Shadow

    Frozen Night - Glaciation

    ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan & ThatMusicBrony - Start Again (Too Taken Remix)