• 10 Nostalgic Animations for Pinkie Pie Day!

    Pinkie has had some pretty incredible stuff on the animation from over the years. These projects tend to be few and far between for all the ponies, but when they happen, they are great.

    Head on down below for some fan-made pinkie animations, and one Hasbro one cause it's awesome too.

    [1] Source

    [Animation] Know Your Mare Ep.10 (Pinkie Pie) by BogyleBronies

    [2] Source

    MLP: Friendship is Magic - 'Fresh Princess of Friendship' Season 7 Official Sneak Peek by My Little Pony Official

    [3] Source

    Confrontation Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena (Animation) by DJBit-3

    [4] Source

    NEW! [MLP Animation] Choose Your Adventure - The Babies are Missing! by Magpiepony

    [5] Source

    Pinkie Promise [Animation] by Tridashie

    [6] Source

    EAT YOUR PEA, PINKIE PIE. by MysteryBen27

    [7] Source

    Pinkie Logic: Hot Head (Cute Pinkie Pie Animation) by PenguinPotential

    [8] Source

    Pinkielovania (MLP Undertale Genocide Fight) Pinkie Dub by Magpiepony

    [9] Source

    Epic Cupcake Time by Alligator Tub Productions

    [10] Source

    Epic Pie Time by Alligator Tub Productions

    [11] Source

    My Tiny Pony - Pinkie Pie by doubleWbrothers