• Toys R' Us Officially Cllosing 180 Stores

    Shifting into fringe Hasbro news for a bit, you probably remember our announcement that Toys R' Us was declaring bankruptcy last year. As of yesterday, the effects of that are now in full swing. 180 stores will be shutting down, while others will be converted to include the Babies R' Us brand. They also hope to reduce prices to help compete with other retailers and online stores that have been eating away at their market share over the past decade. All of this was revealed in a letter from the CEO, directly to customers.

    Regardless of where Toys R' Us goes, Hasbro seems to be pretty ready for a worst case scenario with many an online store stocking ponies, along with the usual big deals on exclusives in other big box retailers.

    More investor related information can be found at CNBC.

    Thanks to Melody and Jeffrey for the heads up.