• Whinny City Pony Con 2018 - Deadlines, Kelly Sheridan, Andrea Libman, and More!

    Lots of news has arrived from the Chicago based Whinny City Pony Con. Top teir Glimmy Glam has been added to their guest list, along with Andrea Libman. Along with that, they have some deadlines and general information for you all.

    Get it below.

    This spring, Whinny City Pony Con will be returning for our third year to beautiful Chicagoland! This year, we’re celebrating the best of the 20's and 30's with the theme of Old Chicago. So put on your zoot suits and flapper dresses, swing to the music of jazz and big band, and join us at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg from April 13th to the 15th!

    We’re working on a big lineup for this year’s event.  In fact, we have three Guests of Honor already confirmed to join us!  Kelly Sheridan is coming to Whinny City for the first time, and is making her second appearance in the area after attending Ponyville Ciderfest 2016. Kelly is best known as the voice of Twilight Sparkle’s rival-turned-apprentice, Starlight Glimmer. She has also provided the voices for Sassy Saddles and Indigo Zap. 

    Our next Guest of Honor is coming back to Chicago for a second time, after appearing at the first Whinny City Pony Con in 2016. We’re very excited to bring fan favorite Andrea Libman, the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, back to WCPC!  Andrea has also lent her voice to Sweetie Drops, Fleetfoot, and many more on the show.
    Finally, our third Guest of Honor is another first timer to Whinny City Pony Con. If we’re bringing Pinkie Pie, then we should bring her sisters along too! Ingrid Nilson, the voice of the Pie Sisters; Maud, Limestone, and Marble, will be joining us as well this April. Ingrid is coming back to the area for the first time since Ponyville Ciderfest 2014.

    We’ll have many more guests to announce as we get closer to April and the next Whinny City. If you would like to join Kelly Sheridan, Andrea Libman, Ingrid Nilson, and all your friends, badges are now available. A weekend badge is only $50, and lets you in for all three days of the convention.  In addition, numerous sponsor badges are available. Sponsor badges provide perks; such as a con-exclusive poster, glassware, and tickets to exclusive events. Plus, applications for panelists, musicians, and community guests are still open, but the applications close at the end of the month, so get your ideas and submissions in soon!