• My Relatable Pony: Applejack

    Well gather 'round everypony because I’m fixin’ to tell the tale of yet another relatable member of the mane six.

    Applejack: A hard workin’ farmer dedicated to both family and apples alike. She was the level headed mare designed to be not only the voice of truth, but of reason too. Though she can be hard to pick out of a line of background ponies, AJ is the core of Ponyville.

    If’n you can relate to Applejack to any measure, I reckon this post’s for you.

    If we gotta to be turthful like, ‘cause we are talking about the Element of Honesty after all, I originally didn’t think I had much in common with the apple farmer (I perfer eat oranges). But as her relationship with her family continued to develop I realized AJ and I have a lot of similarities.

    So as we reflect on what we share with apple horse, I think we can all admit AJ is more like all of us than we realize. Any takers?

    Season 1: The Cutie Mark Chronicles: Struggling with the big "What-If."
    "I've never had fizzy orange juice before. In fact, I've never had orange juice before. Or oranges for that matter."

    AJ was livin’ a life of ‘what-if.’ What if instead of a farm she were living in the city? AJ was willing to leave the farm and everything she knew to try out a new life. She didn’t halfway do this, she put her all into trying to be a city pony. Some of us have tried to reinvent ourselves. Maybe you changed clubs you were involved in, took a job that was vastly different from your last, or decided to pick up a crazy new hobby. You wonder what it might be like living differently than you are right now, so you try something out.

    Now in AJ’s case, she didn’t like who she was becoming. It wasn’t a bad life, it just wasn’t the one she liked. She went back to farm living, happy to have had the experience of city living. She now knows she really does love the farm life. Her risk taking paid off. If you've ever set out to answer one of your big What-if questions, than you're an Applejack at heart.

    Season 2: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: I didn’t learn anything!

    Am I saying we all relate to AJ’s arrogance? No! Sometimes we are right! AJ knew hard work would speak for itself and it did. Was the situation a little contrived? Maybe, but the lesson AJ understands here is a good one.

    Not every bad thing that happens to you will come with a lesson attached to it. Sometimes situations will demand that you apply what you’ve already learned to get through them. For AJ, when a machine that worked faster came along, it wasn’t time for her to learn hard work and friendship, it was time to apply those lessons. Apple sympathizers, tell me you haven't felt this way at least once. You know how to handle things because you're level headed and aware. I loved this from AJ.

    Season 3: Magic Mystery Cure: Acknowledging the need for help.

    Is the sewing machine smoking or are the clothes catching on fire?

    We all know AJ cries on the inside, so it make every time she does on the outside impactful in hindsight. This is such a quick moment, but when the distraught farmer cries over that dress, I can relate. Her best just isn’t enough and with a simple look, she’s screaming for help. It’s not easy for AJ to admit that she needs help especially if it’s in an area she's supposed to be an expert in. (Especially considering what I mentioned above.)

    It always hurts just a bit when I have to ask for help with something I know I should be good at. Grant it, I’ve never been under a spell forcing me to sew clothing, but I think it was still mighty big of AJ to accept the help, even if she ahd to do so in tears.

    Season 4: Bats! Not seeing the other side’s point of view.

    "I hear what you're saying and your points are valid, but I'm blatantly ignoring it anyway."

    Whether we’re right or wrong, we’ve all been in an argument where we either couldn’t or wouldn’t try to understand things from the other person’s point of view. For AJ, her farm is so much more than just an income. It’s her whole family’s life work! Having a group of bats threatening that made it hard for her to hear an animal sympathizer’s words. This is pretty much Applejack’s stubbornness showing again. Once she gets an idea stuck in her head, it’s stuck fast. When it comes to farming, usually she’s right, which only makes it harder for her to let go of a silly notion.

    When we feel like we’re in our element, we don’t want to hear anybody else’s opinion on the matter. Luckily, AJ has a redeeming quality: when she realizes she’s wrong, she’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. If it don't hurt your pride none, admit you've done this from time to time.

    Season 5: Make New Friends but Keep Discord: Taking pride in a sibling.

    Nothing can compare to big sister pride; except maybe whatever card game Dashie's playing.

    We all know the Apple family situation. AJ probably helped raise Applebloom and it is in this moment AJ takes a moment to reflect on how much her sister has grown. I remember the day my ‘baby’ brother graduated high school. I was screaming louder than all the air-horns people brought thinking their kid would hear them over me (This is my public apology to whoever walked after my brother, I'm sorry I cheered over your name being called. I was just really proud). There’s a pride here that all you who’ve cared for a sibling can relate to. Applejack is a great sister.

    Season 6: Viva las Pegasus: Holding a grudge.

    Flutters: "Are there things you haven't forgiven me for?"

    So when Fluttershy says she’s found a friendship problem, AJ isn’t happy to help. AJ has been hurt by the Flim Flam brothers too many times to want to get hurt again. She also views them as not being worthy enough to have a good friendship. In this moment, AJ is unwilling to forgive and, sadly, I can relate. There are people that I don’t want to stick my neck out for. It's natural to be angry with those who have wronged us, but that’s that beauty of this whole episode.

    Never thought I'd see AJ and Fluttershy fight fire with fire.

    To solve the friendship problem, AJ was forced to put her bitter feelings aside. Dealing with con artist might not be an everyday occurrence for most of us, but living with manipulators is. My guess is you AJ fans were almost tempted to side with her when she ran off to find a different friendship problem. Do con-artist deserve happy friendships?

    Season 7: Perfect Pear: (Because I don’t want to get jumped for not mentioning this episode.) Slight identity crisis and being in a broken family.

    "Our Mother Was A Pear!"

    This day, Applejack learned that she wasn’t just an Apple, she’s a Pear too. This might not seem a big deal to some, but for those of us who don’t have our whole family together, we understand why AJ had such a big reaction to this information.

    She has so much pride in being an Apple. She’s all about apples. Like What Is Applejack Without Apples!? Our parents are a big part of who we are, though we might not always like it. Now I’m not sayin’ AJ had a bad identity crisis here, I’m saying she’s discovering new things about herself that will challenge how she views herself.

    The moment I had to acctually get tissues.

    I personally see her reaction in a positive light. This pony that had been taken out of AJ's life, of no fault of her own, turns out to be part of a family her Granny has been speaking poorly of for years. AJ has taken part in a feud pitted against the very thing she loves most, her family. Anyone of us with difficult family relations get this.

    We also understand AJ's slight anger at Granny Smith when she declares what she and her siblings have been doing all day. There is so many conflicting emotions to sort through, I can relate to AJ sounded slightly disgusted that her mother was a Pear. It wasn't from a place of spite, it was just an honest reaction. (Okay, enough of this tear jerker episode. . . too late, I need another tissue.)

    Honorable Mentions:
    The Cutie Pox: The desperate cry of someone seeking help for a loved one. (Still gives me chills)
    Apple Family Reunion: Stressing over organizing an informal event.
    Leap of Faith: Lying so her granny could be young again.
    Made in Manehattan: Being out of your element.

    Applejack is an amazing character. Her experiences have matured her and she's allowed herself to be strengthed by her struggles. She doesn’t have as many funny moments as the other mane 6 do, and I think there might be a hint of truth to the joke about her being a background pony, but what she lacks in pizzazz she makes up for in stability. Others can always count on her. She's faithful, hard working and downright truthful. These are the quality we never really praise, but we all wish we had friends with them. If you relate to AJ at all, you should be proud of it.