• In China, Rainbow Dash Is "Cloud Treasure" - Among Others!

    Chinese translations are always pretty fun. Things don't always work out for a perfect 1:1, and names change based on country in some cases anyway. So, what are each of the ponies called over there?

    Head on down below the break for a list! I'm pretty sure Dashie wins for cutest name~

    Twilight Sparkle - 紫悦 (Zi Yue) - PURPLE DELIGHT

    Rarity - 珍奇 (Zhen Qi) - RARE

    Rainbow Dash - 云宝 (Yun Bao) - CLOUD TREASURE

    Fluttershy - 柔柔 (Rou Rou) - SOFTLY

    Applejack - 苹果嘉儿 (Ping Guo Jiar Er) - APPLE FINE CHILD

    Pinkie Pie - 碧琪 (Pi Qi) - PEACH

    Princess Celestia - 宇宙公主 (Yu Zhou Gong Zhu) - SPACE PRINCESS

    Princess Luna - 月亮公主 (Yue Liang Gong Zhu) - MOON PRINCESS

    Princess Cadance - 音韵公主 (Yin Yun Gong Zhu) - PHONOLOGY PRINCESS

    Queen Chrysalis - 幻形女王 (Huan Xing Nu Wang) - MAGIC SHAPE QUEEN

    Starlight Glimmer - 星光烁烁 (Xing Guang Shuo Shuo) - TWINKLY

    Sunset Shimmer - 落日霞光 (Luo Ri Xia Guang) - SUNSET GLOW

    Thanks to Vencin for the heads up.