• Let's Review: Friends Forever #13

    Brakes? What brakes?

    Time for a look back at one of the most unlikely pairings in the Friends Forever line. It's Rarity and Babs Seed going through Manehatten.
    Check out the review after the break, but be aware that there's no stopping for spoilers!

    This week is something of a freebie. When this comic first came out, I was so impressed that I devoted a video review. Given that I had jury duty the day after returning from Bronycon, I'm not going to question how 13 is my lucky number!

    But even then we're not totally done! So please consider this an after the After the Fact. Because with the Friends Forever line now concluded, I can say this remained my favorite issue.

    Fashion makes drama that much more fabulous!
    Much of it has to do with how well it understands the characters. I won't say Jeremy Whitley takes them seriously, because that word implies there's no humor. No, Whitley respects both characters. He really excelled at understanding Babs' sense of isolation and how Rarity might empathize. Despite their different backgrounds they both connect over a shared experience.

    Not sure I can envision a more unlikely pair.

    And that's what I enjoyed most about Friends Forever. If the author truly understood both characters, then they had the ability to build a bridge. The Mane Six have their own circle of associated characters but rarely do we see those circles overlap. Discord and Maud Pie is one such interaction. Yet Babs and Rarity were the most extreme change I witnessed and I salute this comic's accomplishment.

    A Sapphire Shores and Rara adventure... I'd read that!

    Not to mention that Sapphire Shores once again shows greater maturity and insight than we might (stereotypically) expect from a pop star. There have been several points where I've been impressed by Sapphire Shores' attitude and philosophy, making me wish we could have her be a more prominent guest star.

    I hear some folks argue over Frozen vs Tangled.
    That's cute. I've got Cadance vs Elsa. There will be chilled blood!

    In terms of artwork I enjoyed Agnes Garbowska's style in this comic. The watercolor style she's employed in the past can be hit or miss depending on the location. Areas with a monotone scheme tend to blend or perhaps swallow up the characters. Yet Manehatten offers a variety of hues from vibrant greens to gritty grays and soft lavenders. The ponies have great expressions and I still get a kick out of some of the references. 

    I'd recommend everyone take a look at this issue and see what appeals to them most. Next week shall feature a more in-depth review as we look at issue 3 of the movie prequels!

    I'm Silver Quill. Thanks for watching and reading!  

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