• Complaints About Long Queue Lines for The My Little Pony Friendship Tour Bus

    Some news coming out of the UK today.

    Looks like the Friendship Tour is once again rolling their My Little Pony bus throughout the UK, giving kids a fun MLP experience that includes face painting and goody bags. But it seems the event has received some complaints due to overwhelming crowds and rather long queue lines. Click after the break for all the info.

    The Friendship Tour is a large pink My Little Pony bus that began touring the UK last summer, visiting many locales and offering a fun experience for families of the beloved franchise. Unfortunately, it seems what they had not planned on was the incredibly large crowd size they would end up attracting, drawing the ire and disappointment of many parents and their children. Many folks report waiting in line for up to four or five hours before getting to board the bus. Still others report being turned away entirely due to the ridiculously long lines.

    If you're planning to attend one of these Friendship Tour events, keep in mind you may be waiting a while in line before you get to board the bus. Bring some sunscreen! You may find more in-depth explanations regarding the issue in the articles below.

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