• Discussion: Flawless - What Are Your Flaws?

    Greetings readers of pony things! WeAreBorg here with something of a semi-serious topic. Last Saturday's episode Fame and Misfortune sure was an event with almost everyone saying it was either hilarious, offensive, or just what some bronies needed to hear. So borrowing from that episode, and specifically the song, we here at EQD were wondering what your flaws are. No matter if they are obvious to everyone around you or hidden. After all they make you who you are.

    Go share your flaws with us below!

    P.S. This was mod Armosk's idea!

    While I'm here I'll share: I am a huge procrastinator! From homework to work projects to Episode Followups, I take it down to the wire and pull all-nighters. Because of this, sometimes I miss out. But I've done a few things "out of character" though and rushed to get things done such as planning to pop the question to my wife Cynder after just 4 months of knowing her.

    Anyway, share yours below!